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Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

It pains me to submit yet another of these, but it is approaching the end of my time limit with Paypal and communication seems to have stopped. User name Twilightwalker made a deal through Dakkadakka to sell me a Tau BFG fleet and the upgrade parts for a Land Raider Helios. I used Paypal to send the agreed upon money and provided my address. I did run a quick search on the user and found that he has several good trades on the boards and no transaction reports. After about a month and no package (I have an APO address and things generally do take slightly longer to reach me than the continental US, but usually no more than an additional seven days depending on the size of the item) I sent an inquiry to Twilightwalker asking if he had any trouble with sending the package:

Hiya, just checking in in the event the package was returned to your place. Although it generally takes longer to receive things here, it normally does not take over a month. It is not unknown for items to be returned to sender however for various reasons. Thanks!

His response three days later:

Sorry for the late reply, I'd been caught up in studies lately and haven't had a chance to check my e-mail. The only reason I knew somethign was wrong was due to the fact that yes, the package was on my doorstep when I checked today. I'll be sending it back out again in a few days. To double-check the following address is correct, yes? [actual address omitted per guidelines]

My immedaite reply:

yes, that is correct. Double check with the post office about a customs form if it does not have one on it. There are two different forms, one is green and sticky, the other is a full page with carbon style copies. I have no idea how they determine which one to use and have to ask myself when I go.

A few days later I had to choose if I would be filing a notice with Paypal about the missing package, I had good communication, but my gut was telling me to do it anyway, so I did and sent the user a message (through Paypal) notifing him why I was doing it, which was strictly as a precaution as I have been burned a couple times in the past and I had faith this would resolve favorably.

Last week I received a package from an ebay buy that prompted me to send this message:

Hello again, I have recently received a package from someone I order stuff through ebay since we last contacted each other, so I am seeking a confidance booster that your package is in fact on its way. May I have any tracking number details if you have it? Thank you.

I have yet to receive a reply of any type from Twilightwalker and my time with Paypal is up in two days. My final message I sent tonight prior to posting this is below:

Hello again, I am approaching the end of my time limit on Paypal and still no package. I also have not gotten a response from you about the shipping number, so tomorrow I will have no choice but to upgrade the notice to a claim. This is simply fair warning for you that it is coming and I do not have a siginificant reassurance that the package has been sent in good faith. I will assure that if you are having some kind of legitimate difficulty in life at this moment and this is just not on your radar, I will have no problem resending the money if the package does eventually show up. Further, I will open a transaction report thread per the rules of the forum and I invite you to update it as you see fit. I hope things are trully well with you and good evening.

It is difficult to send text that is emotionless, so it may seem I am laying down an ultimatum, I am not. I am simply trying to notify my trade partner that our collective time limit is at an end according to my safety net's rules (Paypal). I would rather have the items in the trade than my money back, but I also do not want to be left with nothing either, so...
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Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Well, the time has come and I have requested a refund from Paypal for non receipt of merchandise. I have received no further communication from Twilightwalker since I sent my last IMs or posted this report. If this guy does follow through and the items show up in the mail, I will resend the money to make things right, but the package should have been here by now if he did resend it when he claims to have.

Caveat emptor.

Mods, barring anyone one else's info or an update from Twilightwalker, please lock.
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Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Sorry that this is the second unsuccessful trade you've had on here, thedmstrikes, and thanks for updating us.

We're in the process of making these transaction reports easier to find so that hopefully people can see the facts for themselves about users like this. Although obviously it wouldn't have helped in your case, as he had a few good trades and no TRs. It was really wise of you to use Paypal, and to file when you did- I just had a very similar experience via Ebay, and was able to get my funds back as well.

Locking as it seems that thedmstrikes has recovered his money, and Twilightwalker has not responded in any fashion. If anyone has more details to add, please PM me, and as I said, we are in the process of making these reports easier to find for all.
Made in de
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Well, every now and then good things happen...even if a little late. I received my package from Twilightwalker today. It had everything in it that was supposed to be there so I cancelled my claim with Paypal. I am going to assume that life kicked him in the nuts lately as it was postmarked last week on the 23d.
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

That's great to hear! Thanks for updating with the successful (albiet late) result
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