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Made in us
Giggling Nurgling

Hello All my fellow Warmongers!
I just wanted to share what I have been working on for the past 7 months or so! Well, I started collecting (and attempting to model and paint) Warhammer 40k when I was about 14 but realized than that I sucked and packed it up in boxes and didn't see them again until recently! I decided to give all my stuff to my 12 year old brother in law last Christmas as I figured he would be into it and after about a month, tells me that he wants to start his own army and asks if I would start playing with him.....so here I am now getting back into it! Which I am ok with as I love it!!! I never played the actual game, just always interested in collecting, modeling, and painting the minis! So I just wanted to post what I have been working on and am continuing to work on. Im finally getting ready to paint and have chosen the techniques of Les Bursley over at awesomepaintjob.com. He is the man and Im gonna give the old airbrush a go! So here is my squad so far. I will try and label these the best I can and like I said, I have never played the actual game so If I have squads with weapons that arent allowed in play or whatever, please forgive me as I am still learning that aspect of it!!!

Oh and any and all criticism and comments are welcome!

First ill start out with the Dread that I picked up from ***EDIT*** on eBay last summer. His current blog is ***EDIT*** His work and green stuff ability is top notch and I picked up this unit to study and to further my GS skills. I added a few more spots of rot and decay and added a resin basin as well.

I wanted all of my infantry units to be different and unique! I have been cruising around the interwebs for a while now and got tired of seeing the same old units and poses that we always see so I tried to be different and unique. I think i achieved that! Also the resin bases are a great touch! So here are my 4 squads

First Squad of 10 w/Champion in First pic on right.

My Second Squad of old Berzerkers w/Champion on right

Banner holder i thought turned out pretty sweet!!

I love the double bolter i had this beast carry! (again dont know if its table top legit or not but I havent seen it anywhere online and wanted something different)

Third Squad w/Champ on the right of first pic

Another unique banner holder and a bloated belly. I did him close to the end and he is really the only one with that big bloated belly. I dont know if he quite fits... But looks cool. I might have to go back and add some bloat to the other units or remove his and minimalize the nurgleness...

Full shot of the banner

Another cool pose I have never seen with a bolter. Dudes got pipes and can throw it up on his shoulder. Oh and the Chainsword attachment to the bolter too! You know, to decapitate enemies and have show and tell!

I also like the flame units with the guitar string hoses feeding from the backpack!

And last is the Forge World set! I love these units!
Champ w melta and special backpack on right

Another Flame unit

I haven't completed the backpack banners that I got the ideal from over at santacruzwarhammer.com yet but they will be next for this guy and a couple others

So that is it for my Squad of Basic infantry. Again let me know if I need to change any weapons or add something to make these playable in games. Ill prob be just playing with my Bro-in-law at first so it really won't matter but eventually ill prob play at the local nerdery...

Next is my Termie Lord and 10 Terminators.
Here he is w/out his cape that is. That Scythe is awesome and my favorite part of the model!

The idea behind my Terminators is I have the 5 beautiful Forge world models that I bought a CSM set to use for parts. After building them I had a lot of bits left over so I figured i'd scoop up some termie legs off eBay and make 5 more. The idea is that the FW terms are the Veteran squad and have been rotting for years and the GS will show that. Where the other 5 haven't been festering for all that long and are just starting to show the signs of decay and rott. But its starting fast! Here they are
I decided to cut that huge blade off the assault gun and add a flamer!

Guy on the right looks a little stiff but...

The guy on the left is the non-vet termie. Thought I would show the back as well. I tried to duplicate the round fly hives coming out of the back of them as well.

The dude on the right i decided to put a couple of old school banner poles coming out of his back. I am going to create a stretched flesh type of banner canvas as if the skinned someone and used their flesh as a finger paint project.... thats the idea anyway...we will see how it turns out....

SO there you have it! Thats what I have thus far! There are front a back pics of all of these so if you want to see the backs, there are on there.

I have no clue how many points this army is so far and how many it will shape up to be! That is the part of the game that I haven't looked into yet. So if anyone would like to help out and give me a basic idea, that would be SWEET!!!

Thanks for taking a look and any comments you may leave!

Next up after I paint these, I am planning on adding a 10 squad of Raptors with the Max Mini backpacks and FW torsos. I have 5 more old metal termies that I will add. Along with a Black Reach Dread that I am going to cut the crap out of and customize similar to the current one and maybe add one more. And last for troops a set or 2 of Custom Obliterators based on this idea...
http://youngwolf7.com/?page_id=1859 These are friggen amazing!!!!

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Made in gb
Screamin' Stormboy

London UK

wow! someone is going tobe very busy painting soon! Great work!
Made in dk
Waaagh! Warbiker

Denmark - Randers

This is amazing! I really love what you have done with your minis! Really awesome work! And you haven't played yet either? I am stunned. No criticism here. Just can't wait to see it all painted up!
Wish i could have the honor of fighting against you and your awesome Chaos Marines when it all was done

Keep up the good work Mr. Modeling Genius!

But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

- Ernest Hemingway 
Made in gb
Sacrifice to the Dark Gods

Looking good, can't wait to see them painted.

Where did you get the scythe? Or what parts did you mesh together to make it?

Order of the Skyward Eye 3500 points (1k Painted)
Made in us
Giggling Nurgling

The scythe blade was made from http://www.thewarstore.com/product27220.html. It's the talon from a tyranid warrior and just green stuffed onto the staff that came with the termie lord. Glad you like them
Made in au
Crazed Troll Slayer


Wow, some VERY good conversions and ALOT of time spent green stuffing. Great job

Dwarves-about 2000 points, most unpainted. Kill me now.
kravus master of Horus wrote:Cover all the red in twenty layers of Devlan Mud then it'll be awesome.

Yes, I play Dwarfs. Yes, I have a hoard of treasure and live in a mountain.And yes, I am shorter than nearly all of you, STOP TEASING ME!!! 
Made in us
Long-Range Black Templar Land Speeder Pilot


Fantastic work, DG have to be one of the hardest armies to do with high detail.

My Armies:
- Death Wing and Green Wing
- Tacticals and Devastators
- Retired

Made in us
Giggling Nurgling

Thanks for the Props! I have spent a LOT of time GSing.... That and the modeling the units been my favorite part so far! Im dreading the next step...painting!

I was planning on painting this last weekend but the airbrush that I had lined up couldnt be located!! :( So I might have to rethink my painting stategy! Im still considering purchasing an airbrush I just dont have the extra money right now to just go out and drop a couple hundred bucks! UG!

With the airbrush no go this weekend I was able to work on some old metal terminators that I thought I wouldnt ever use. I decided that I would GS the crap out of them and make them some kind of Honor Guard for Abbondon or Body guards for my Termi Lord or something. They are coming along quite nicely and I should have some pics of them up this weekend to share! Im pretty excited about them! I had to make some of my own bases as well as I am out of resin bases like the others and I think they turned out pretty good as well
Made in gb
Slashing Veteran Sword Bretheren

I'm at your window

some of the greatest conversions ive ever seen

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Made in us
Giggling Nurgling

It's been a while since I posting something so I figured I would give a little update and ask for your opinion on something. I haven't done much lately as I have been very busy!! :(
First I'll show a little progress on the painting I have done! I want to get everything to the same point in painting so I can bang through everything all at once. So far, just based most of it with camo green. What is the new replacement for this paint BTW?? Anyone know?

Thought i would show a little progress on my raptor squad. I wanted to wait till I had them all completed to show pics but it may be a while and I need some advice on the final 2 bases and poses. Here are the first 8! There are still WIP so I will be finishing up a lit of the little details on most of them.... But let me know what you think!!

One of my favs!

This one took some work....

I'm also quite fond of this one as well!

And here is what i need help with.... I have 2 more left..

I sketched up all of these to get a good idea of how I wanted to pose them. I got most of my ideas from the interwebs and like the ones I have thus far. I am just stuck on the last 2. Here are the sketches of what I was gonna do but one of them seems very similar to another one and the #10, will be just too hard to do with the arms I have...

So let me know what you think!!!!!! How should I pose these final 2?!?! I really need some help! Also the bases. I was thinking rocks but have a lot of other random bitz I could use. Any pics or links to the pics would help a lot! I appreciate all the c&c!!!
Made in us
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

The Peripheral

Wow, those raptors are pretty cool. Never thought I'd see Nurgle flying... but you know, if you haven't made all of your squad yet, you should check out Death from Darksiders 2, his twin scythes look amazing.

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