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New Brunswick, Canada

Yet ANOTHER transaction report, you would think I would learn...anyways I talked to him Tuesday of last week and he said he would send out my stuff on Thursday, but I have asked him a couple times now and no response at all...has anyone had contact with this guy? He has 8 good trades on here, is he always this...communicative with the other trades he has done? I would really like to get what we agreed upon...considering he got his stuff some 2-3 weeks ago, I wouldn't mind getting my stuff lol, he did mention that he was busy...but 10 days with no word is too much

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He was supposed to send my stuff last thursday that I bought on 3/15. Sent a few PMs to him with no response...although he has been active (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/listByUser/5182.page)

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Made in ca
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

New Brunswick, Canada

I seen that he has been active as well...but not replying to a sale is bad...in my book...don't know what this guy is up to, but I should get my stuff from him next week if he bothered

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Please lock this, he's just been a busy guy, he got back to me just now saying he will mail it today, lock this up nice and tight

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Nashville, TN

Not much to say but I have been extremely busy with my business. I sent out PMs and Tracking #s to all parties involved.

Everything is taken care of as of today.

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 warboss wrote:

GW didn't mean to hit your wallet and I know they love you, baby. I'm sure they won't do it again so it's ok to purchase and make up.

Albatross wrote:I think SlaveToDorkness just became my new hero.

EmilCrane wrote:Finecast is the new Matt Ward.

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