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Made in us
Devestating Grey Knight Dreadknight

I entered into a deal with jspyd3rx for:


-10x incubi, 5x on resin bases, 5x NIB
-10x mandrakes, 5x on resin bases w/1x painted, 5x NIB

-20x warriors with custom bases plus bits w/ a few more warriors
-10x wyches with custom bases
-2x raiders
-10x hellions
-12x reaver jet bikesw/ heat lances and cluster weapons.
1x painted nicely by me

-3x ravagers with dark lances.
Everything is grey yet cleaned and free of mold lines.

I made payment via paypal on March 6th. jspyd3rx was to ship on the 8th via priority mail. On the 13th I followed up and asked him if he had shipped and if he had tracking info. He responded thathe had not shipped and would ship on the 15th or 16th and PM me with the tracking. On the 18th I received a PM saying that my stuff was shipped but because of cost it wasn't shipped priority and as such there was no tracking, but that it would arrive within a week. I decided to give it a week and then file a dispute with paypal and alert the swap shop of what is going on.

I truely believe that maybe my package is just taking extra long in the mail, but for my own protection and for other's protection I thought now was a good time to get the ball rolling on a dispute. I truely hope the package arrives in the next couple of days and I will then ask for this thread to be closed and I will close my paypal dispute and leave a +1 for jspyd3rx here.

I know another swap shop thread of jspyd3rx's sold the same day as the one I bought. I wonder if the buyer had the same experience as I?


Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Moore, Ok.

i've never heard of no DC# because of it not being Priority?
i've shipped Parcel, First Class and Priority with no problems adding DC to any.

"But i'm more than just a little curious, how you're planning to go about making your amends, to the dead?" -The Noose-APC

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Come again some other day
The devil has my ear today
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Made in ca
Umber Guard

If it makes you feel any better, I sent a package to another dakka member a few weeks ago. For some reason (Which I didn't realize until I got home) I did not have a tracking number either. To make matters worse, I was told it would take 4 days to reach its destination, and its been about 2 weeks, still no delivery.

I guess my point is, sometimes the crazy stories really are true. I wouldn't lose hope yet

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Made in us
Powerful Ushbati

Manhatten, KS

I purchased his BA army that he posted up and it arrived in a timely manner. I even used that army in this last weekends tournament.

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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

alarmingrick wrote:i've never heard of no DC# because of it not being Priority?
i've shipped Parcel, First Class and Priority with no problems adding DC to any.

it is also available on the absolute cheapest USPS shipping method (media mail which can only be used for books). using delivery confirmation with priority mail gets you a 10 cent discount but it IS available with all forms of mail within the US (but not APO military shipping... they'll gladly charge you for it but it doesn't actually work from the two times i've used it).

Made in us
Devestating Grey Knight Dreadknight

I received a message from jspyd3rx saying that the package was still at his local post office and he shipped it via priority on the 30th. He provided tracking and it should arrive on the 1st. Crossing my fingers that everything is good when it arrives and then I can have this thread locked and close my paypal dispute. I'll post tomorrow and let everyone know how it goes.


Made in us
Devestating Grey Knight Dreadknight

Package arrived today. Everything is in pretty good shape. A few small breaks include the sails on the raiders and a couple arms but small breaks like this almost can not be avoided when shipping. I am completely satisfied on my end and have closed my dispute with paypal and have given positive feedback for jspyd3rx here on dakka.

I'd like to ask a Mod to please close this thread now that the dispute has come to an end.

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