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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka


Just finished the final touches on my boyz for Adepticon, tomorrow.



Another Warboss



Biker unit 1:

Biker unit 2:

Boyz who don't have bikes yet:


Snikrot's Red Skull Kommandos

Fast Attack

2 rokkit buggies:

Rokkit kopta:

Heavy Support

Battle Wagon for the boyz:

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Made in gb
Screamin' Stormboy

London UK

Love the blood splatter on the roller, just trying to work out if they are evil sunz, badmoonz, goffs or death skulls or is a mix of all of them?
Made in us
Huge Hierodule

United States

I like the army, however, I think the yellow is a bit clean on alot of the models. Favorite piece has to be the Battlewagon; it looks really beefy.

P.S. I think McDonalds when I see these Orks.

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Alpharius wrote:Darth Bob's is borderline psychotic and probably means... something...

Made in us
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Battle Creek, MI

I really like the look, nice work

Made in us
Infiltrating Oniwaban

Nice wheels on the wagon! And I for one like the brilliant yellow- these 'ere are some right rich toofy gitz, they can afford new paint.

Infinity: Way, way better than 40K and more affordable to boot!

"If you gather 250 consecutive issues of White Dwarf, and burn them atop a pyre of Citadel spray guns, legend has it Gwar will appear and answer a single rules-related question. " -Ouze 
Made in au
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Melbourne, Australia

Your army is great! Your bikers are awesome.

"Whilst we stand, we fight. Whilst we fight, we prevail. Nothing shall stay our wrath"
Guilliman and the Ultramarines are like Manchester United, everyone hates them because they are so awesome!

Made in us
Spawn of Chaos

America's Dairyland

Looks fantastic! So angry I can't be at Adepticon this year...

My favorite bit though is the pinstriping on the Warboss' bike, such a small detail, but it adds tremendously to the model. Beautiful stuff!
Made in us
Nimble Mounted Yeoman

St.Cloud, Fl

Awesome looking army!

Bretonnian Army : 6 Wins 2 Loss 0 Draws 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Nice looking army! I like the yellows the best!
Made in ca
Stormin' Stompa

Ottawa, ON

The paint scheme reminds of older editions of the orks for some reason.

Ask yourself: have you rated a gallery image today? 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka


They're not the best pictures. I took them in the hour or so between when I finished painting, and when I left for Adepticon.

That said, I won the Best Appearance award out of 245 participants. The pictures may not show it well, but most of the models are conversions in some way, including all of the bikes, of which none are duplicated at all. Every rider is also unique, with heads and parts from every kit in the ork range. Nearly every model has some sort of tattoo, warpaint, or other freehand work done.

The colours are bright - but they're Bad Moons. It's meant to really pop, and catch eyes in what is often a poorly lit tournament hall - although this year, the lighting in the main hall was not bad at all.

I spent eight hours on just the yellow panels of the battlewagon in order to make sure that they weren't patchy or blotchy. I started it on Friday, after realizing that the wagons I had before didn't work with the new style I was using on my new models. The wheels came off a toy truck, and the farings/wheel guards are plasticard - and a bit of cut up fish-food container (the rounded front fenders). There's a lot of stuff you can't see on those pics either, the bed has a lot of neat stuff going on too.

Now that the con is over, I'm going to try and take some better pictures of the individual models. I'll add them to this thread as I get that done. There might be some on CoolMiniOrNot's coverage too, as they took some.

Made in us
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate

Very very nice lookin orks!

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Lincolnshire, UK

Amazing army Redbeard, the painting is really crisp and clean and the quality really stands out. I love the character and personality of the army too.

Personally, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I find the Bright Colours and blood-splatters etc. actually create an anti-grimdark look, which IMHO suits the Orks and Badmoons in particular.

Great army Red, with a well deserved win. Congrats.

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- Roboute Guilliman

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- Magnus the Red, to a statue of Leman Russ
Made in us
Badass "Sister Sin"

Camas, WA

Definitely amazing. Congrats!

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Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Sweet. Wish I had gotten a chance to check them out.

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Made in us
Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant

Hanging out on the Great Plains

Great Army, really love the Battlewagon on Wheels.

More DAKKA - the only true answer to any question.

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Made in us
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Just so epic. Didn't you say you won best appearance with this? Totally deserved.
Made in id
Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot


Fantastic! I especially like the old Trukk with the fuel cans piled in it! Inspired! I've got to point out the "wheelie" bike too--that is also totally bad-Ork!

Way to go; thanks for the link from your fortress-construction blog. Hope I don't "lose your respect" by posting here as the pop-up warned me, but I am figuring you want people to check this out due to the link.

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Made in dk
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon


Great looking army. I like the conversions on the bikers and the rokkit buggy on the left. They are all very flavorful and well executed.

2000pts Da Blitza Boyz! (Orks) 50% painted.

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Made in es
Regular Dakkanaut

Really nice army, fine painting, totally lovely.

Made in gb
Fully-charged Electropriest

Varying cities in the North

Like the look of these a lot! Especially the bikers, some time and effort has gone into them, and it's certainly paid off. My one critique is that they look a little too clean for me, not enough battle damage, chips and such, or mud. But great work overall.
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