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Cackling Chaos Conscript

I have had an ongoing problem with this user. A trade was established over a month ago that I was to trade some vc along with a storm of chaos book for 20 plague marines. I sent comfirmation numbers on 3/14/10 (the day the package went out) and still have these archived. After not hearing from exodus for a week I messaged him to see what was going on. I initially got some story about how he was working extra hard and would make it to the post that Friday. I accepted those terms. Another week went by and I messaged him again asking what was up. This time I was met with a story of how he wasn't sure what happened stating the "canadian post was having problems". The issue with this was I saw rep being given to him on the traders thread. How could he be having problems with the post and get another package out? At this point I stated he either need to send the models and book back or pay me for the items. When asked how much I would like I gave him a number (half off the book and 30% off retail for the vc I sent) and he then argued that I had only sent him a fraction of the models I actually did. After I responded with pictures of what I sent him he stated that he hadn't looked through the bag I had sent him yet.

All arround this is just irking me above anything else. Is it too much to ask that I get the models back or at least get paid for them? I didnt want to have to do a transaction report among other things but I feel this needs to be out in the open.

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Goddard wrote:If the Gov banned the hobby - that would be great! All the stupid kids will think it's cool all of a sudden, cuz only cool kids break the law.

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Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Wee-dub has PM'ed me that this has been settled to both users' satisfaction. If for some reason this is not the case or changes, either of those involved please PM me.


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