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Made in us
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New Jersey, USA

For those of you who don't know what the **** gene-seed is, it's pretty much the DNA stuff of an individual space marine.  If the gene seed gets mutated, then the entire chapter is affected.  forget that, let's get movin'!   WAAGH!

"'Ere we are, Inquisitor," Apothecary Frigidor of the Snow Guard Chapter said, leading them into a small metal chamber.  At the end of this chamber was a barren door, locked and barred with adamantium chains.  Inquisitor Nox peered closer at it, and read in tiny letters at the foot of the ten-foot tall door: Primordium.

"What is in here, Apothecary?" asked the Inquisitor.

"Gene seed, sir," the power-armored superhuman replied dumbly, "our 'rigin, sir."

Yeah, right, thought Nox, yeah, right, stupid.  But still, he said, "Show me the way."

Frigidor fumbled with the locks and chains for twenty minutes before he was able to open the door.  Finally, he took out his bolt pistol and shot the lock. "We can always replace it,"

When the stepped inside, a cold gust of wind hit their faces and a putrid smell came to their nostrils.

"Ugh, what the Warp is that???" shouted the Inquisitor. 

Frigidor and a number of his Terminator brethen quickly stepped inside.  A body of some sort of lay on the ground, covered in bright orange fungus.

"NO, OMIGOSH THAT'S BROTHER AGUA!!!" screamed one of the Terminators.

"I gotta check the gene-seed!"

Brother Frigidor dashed past the gaping Inquisitor and found what he was looking for.  He showed it, open-mouthed, to his brothers.

Uh oh, thought Nox.   The swelled little thing in Frigidor's huge hands was a gene-seed, alright.  Now they all knew what made that smell and that wind.  In Frigidor's hands was a shriveled up something, that looked exactly like a piece of poop!!!!

What a-are you doing h-here??? Y-youre a freakin' Space Marine!!!! 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

New Albany, Indiana, USA

I am confused.

And something smells.
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Fresh-Faced New User


Made in us
Been Around the Block

Posted By The_Hive_Mind on 11/16/2005 2:03 PM
something smells.

 I'll say. And speaking of smelly -  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  Nox had begun to sense a pattern -  * Wanton Destruction of Imperial Materiel with an Inquisitor as witness.  * Evidence of covert Fungus Abuse by Chapter Personnel.  * Fearless Veteran Terminators screaming like hysterical cheerleaders.  * And now a fecus sculpted into the likeness of a withered Geneseed Canister.  Nox turned to obscure the small movements with which he activated his Self-destruct.  "General Gibson will want a report", he muttered as he turned back.  Activating his Communicator, he contacted the orbiting Fleet.  "Admiral Amana, is General Gibson on the bridge?"  "He is."  "A word, if you please."  "Certainly."  "Gibson, here."  "General, this is Inquisitor Nox. Verify my IFF carrier, please."  "Very well, Inquisitor. Your Aegis ID is verified."  "Excellent, General. I hereby invoke Exterminatus. I say again, Exterminatus."  "Emperor's bloody boots, Nox! What is it? Stealers? Warp Entities?"  "Worse. Far worse."  Nox turned to face the dumbfounded Marines with whom he shared the chamber.  "Fanfic!"  "May Tad have mercy on your soul," moaned the General.  Nox glanced around for a last look before merciful oblivion.  He shuddered.  It couldn't come quickly enough . . .  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Playa 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

New Jersey, USA

"STOP, IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!" shouted Frigidor just when Gibson was just about to obliterate their planet.

"What is it, Space Marine?" said the general over the comm link. "The Inquisition and the Imperial Guard have got better things to do than listen to a jackass Space Marine whine!"

"Our chapter has to 'ave one last word!" said Frigor enthusiastically.

"Yes, and what might that be?" asked Nox suspiciously.

Frigidor took a deep breath, signaled his command squad of Terminators, and faced Inquisitor Nox.  They used all three of their lungs, drew breath, and blew rasberries at Nox, then they teleported outside of their fortress monastary, grinning like madmen.

"That does it!" Nox screamed into the comm link. "Call in the Ordo Malleus!"  But even as he uttered these venomous words, the Snow Guard Chapter began to head for the Primodorium room, calling:

"Gimme an 'N!'  gimmie an 'O'!  gimmie an 'X!'  YAAAAAY!!!!"  With that, all hell broke loose. 

What a-are you doing h-here??? Y-youre a freakin' Space Marine!!!! 
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