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Made in si
Been Around the Block

Ok, i am starting a new Orcs & Goblins Army. Actually is just goblins and monsters.

I had a High Elves and Undead army but never managed to paint it or even really put it together. So this is my first attempt in a serious (in fluffy kind of way army)

This blog is for personal motivation and for your valuable comments.

My goal:
at least 3000 points painted Goblin army, everything painted, inlcuding bases

I must let you know, that i am a terrible painter and just a slightly better converter/modeler. My main interest is in playable army of a tabletop quality, with occasional interesting mini.
So dipping is currently only way for me doing an entire army. I don't have enough time for more time consuming process.

What i have to work with:
3 x Battle of Skull Pass (mainly just the goblin miniatures, dwarf were traded for goblins)
1x Night goblins regiment
1x orc regiment (ye, no orcs, but there are some nice bits. Orcs are used for mordheim)
some bits, but mostly from high elves and skeletons
Some giant wolwes.
Few dried GW colours and few valleyo colours (probaly 2 years old), battered brushes etc
I haven't been into warhammer for about two years, only played one 7th edition battle and i hear there is 8th edition of rules out
I am way behind. Some assembly has already been done around a year ago, with another ruleset in mind, but not much and the changes aren't critical.

Colour Scheme
I dislike the black night goblins so i will go for more of a neutray yelowish/brownish, beige tones. And it works good with dipping method.

Time Line:
Well, hopefully before the 9th edition rules. Seriously. I just have a few weeks to finish what i can. Then i will take a half year off (serious work to do)

And last, i have already painted some figures, and will be posting them while i paint/assemble other stuff.
Made in si
Been Around the Block

40 of them. Converting has been done way back, painting was one day job. Enough talk, here are the pictures. Oh, and i am also not good with a camera. But hopefully i will learn while doing this blog.

I am still waiting for plasticard and bases to arrive with mail order, so the hero and his bearers look a bit awkward. Painting and dipping took one day. All hand weapons goblins are from battle of skull pass and just slightly modified.
[Thumb - 40goblinshw.JPG]
40 NG with hweapon &shield, hero, before dip

[Thumb - 40ngoblinshw (2).JPG]
same 40 NG, different angle

[Thumb - IMG_0046.JPG]
goblins, dipped

[Thumb - IMG_0052.JPG]
Hero with great weapon

Made in si
Been Around the Block

Ok, here are 20 archers, similar color scheme. Robes look different before dip but almost the same when finished. I don't have pre-dip pictures.

Still no movement trays. I have started making temporaries from cardboard.

Next i need a 40 unit strong Night goblins with spears.

[Thumb - IMG_0042.JPG]
20 Night goblin archers, from the front

[Thumb - IMG_0043.JPG]
from back. Left model is test for another unit (grey robes). Second from the right was dipped in more fluid substance. I don't like the effect.

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Made in si
Been Around the Block

I only managed to get 20 spearmen.
I wonder if i should employ them at all. If i go for 40 strong, 4ranks of 10, i should get 10 extra attack at best, assuming none of them died before combat and the enemy unit is wide enough. I don't expect them to survive cavalry charge, so spearwall is just a slight advantage.
But nevermind the rules. I need to get another 20 of them to fill a decent unit.

Meanwhile i got a very simple idea. I was looking at that tent from Battle of skull pass and how to use it. so i will put it in as a unit filler, to make the goblins stand out a little, with just a little extra to shine. Maybe i will put another gobo/snotling. top or just that moon that came with a tent
I am still waiting for green LED and need to get a hold on a simple small on/off switch.

Maybe somebody has done that before, but i fine idea very simple. I have enough goblins so unit filler isn't there for the number. The size of tent is best suited for 60x60mm base, buts that's 9 models.
40x60 (6 models) would be better. Not sure yet. The casualty removal might become a bit awkward.

[Thumb - IMG_0055.JPG]
20 night gobbos with spear and full command.

[Thumb - IMG_0025.JPG]
another half of the unit. still not painted. There will be something evil inside the tent.

Made in si
Been Around the Block

seeing how popular this thread is :( i will post another unit.

I know i am not skilled but i try...
Some comments or critics would be most welcome.

I tried spraying the spider with neon yellow color, but over gray undercoat, they came out green.

edit: Oh, and please ignore the movement trays. I am still waiting for my plasticard to arrive. And green stuff. I don't know why is taking so long, should be here 10 days ago.

[Thumb - IMG_0056.JPG]
10 spider riders

[Thumb - IMG_0057.JPG]
different angle. Standard bearer is magnetised so i can remove him and replace him with regular rank and file cavalry.

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Made in si
Been Around the Block

I added some bolt throwers. Still not painted.

The more buly one was a prototype but i think it came out to big.
I will probably make at least three more. Not that intend to use them all but just in case. I also have to ad some rope or something that will look like a rope to 2 of them
[Thumb - chukka1.JPG]
three spear chukka.

[Thumb - chukka2.JPG]
with gobbo for size comparison

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

These are looking good!

I really like the 20 night gobbos with command, having a slightly different color for the hoods pre-dip makes them stand out quite a bit!

The tent LED is pretty cool too, I usually distract from my paintjobs with something shiny, a glowy thing takes that to 11!

Bolt throwers are well made, however the one with the extra details (rope and shields) really stands out. I'd throw that level of detail on the next three for sure.

Spider riders are well done, I like how the spiders are green, but a different enough tint to make them stand apart from the rider.

You mentioned in the OP something about Gobbos AND monsters, anything on the monster front yet? I haven't seen the dip method look this good on a fantasy army, so I'm curious how its going to hold up on trolls or a giant.

God sends meat, the devil sends cooks 
Made in au
Tunneling Trygon

Anyway, these look really good. I especially like what appears to be leopard spots on the Champion in the first unit. Nice work on the Spear Chukkas as well.

EDIT: Oh, I guess I wasn't the first to comment

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Made in si
Been Around the Block

pox wrote:

Bolt throwers are well made, however the one with the extra details (rope and shields) really stands out. I'd throw that level of detail on the next three for sure.

First thanks for comment. the two bolt throwers will get the rope. Not sure about the shields because they are less bulky and there is not enough space for anything bigger.

pox wrote:
You mentioned in the OP something about Gobbos AND monsters, anything on the monster front yet? I haven't seen the dip method look this good on a fantasy army, so I'm curious how its going to hold up on trolls or a giant.

Well i have three Battle of skull pass trolls and am trying to rearange the position of arms so they will not look like something from Clone wars. But i am really short on working material. I hate it when mail orders are late.

And i do have a small problem with basing. I would like to do bases for the goblins (and the rest of army) but i already glued the models to them so now i need to find a good way of removing bases without damaging the paint/models. Wasn't thinking before.

Made in si
Been Around the Block

First, this is just the prototype or test run (it was done while i was waiting for balsa) of chariot, and some forest goblins for the crew.

I actually made the more proper chariots but need to take a photo of them.
[Thumb - IMG_0010.JPG]
piece of sprue for conething chariot to the mounts pulling it. I am using this in all my chariots since it look sort of right piece for the job

[Thumb - IMG_0015.JPG]
crew for the chariot. I found them lying in my boxes.

[Thumb - IMG_0031.JPG]
i will be using spiders for mounts. I think its a nice change and i do have 20 of them from those starter set (not counting the 10 that went into spider riders)

[Thumb - IMG_0072.JPG]
For a liitle extra colour, this is the same spray, but over white undercoat. The will hopefully bring some brightness to the overall army look

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Made in si
Been Around the Block

this are the chariots. Balsa, few bits.

Wheels are from http://www.theassaultgroup.co.uk/store/product.php?productid=1285&cat=82&page=6

One will have three forest goblins from previous post, other two will have goblin spider riders from BoSP.

Pictures are without mounts
[Thumb - chariot1.JPG]

[Thumb - chariot2.JPG]

[Thumb - chariot 3.JPG]
this one is for the metal forest goblin

[Thumb - chukka3.JPG]
all three together

Made in si
Been Around the Block

not painted. The conversion is very basic, just slightly different hand position. I intend to get a hold on 3 another (preferably different) trolls. So in a unit of 6 they will not look to much alike.

Meanwhile i have finished the chariots (without bases). I will try to take pictures tomorrow and post them.
[Thumb - IMG_0054.JPG]
yes i know, its a coctail stick

Made in us
Posts with Authority

Boston-area [Watertown] Massachusetts

So, I am posting here for two reasons:

1) Great job! The hobby can be damn expensive, and you're doing an awesome job with what you have. An inspiration to everyone who wants to play the game, as well as being very creative in your own right!

2) Encouragement. I am totally subscribed. I look forward to seeing what you do with monsters and whatnots.

Using scenery pieces to 'stand in' for blocks of troops is, to me, a good thing. It is cheap, effective, and looks good. Probably best for units who won't be very mobile, and make sure you have enough ranks in back to pull off casualties. Otherwise? Again, brilliant.

I look forward to more!


Falling down is the same as being hit by a planet — "I paint to the 20 foot rule, it saves a lot of time." -- Me
ddogwood wrote:People who feel the need to cheat at Warhammer deserve pity, not anger. I mean, how pathetic does your life have to be to make you feel like you need to cheat at your toy army soldiers game?
Made in si
Been Around the Block

still without bases. I think i will do all y bases at the end.

Seeing how easy it to actually scratch build a chariot, i will probably do another 3 of them, but not right away yet.

The crew is magnetised so it can easily be removed, although i don't really know what that is good for. Except maybe for replacing it with characters or to keep track of wounds.

I did learn hot to easily cut pictures with picasa so i hope now they have more of important stuff on them

edit: wrong pictures the first time

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Now i have several options on what to do next:

-i bought some prepainted models from ebay, including 10 wolf riders. so i could paint them in color scheme that would go with my theme (dirty desert/mud). i also need to replace their bows with spear and shield (they came with bows only)

-i can try making few fanatics from regular night goblin regiment (i also got six of them from e-bay, they have black robes and green skin but that's about it). I need to decide what color to use. It has to work with the rest of the army but then again, they must stand out a bit. They are big part of psychological warfare. People are usually more afraid of them that should be necessary. Maybe i will go with regular yellow robes with some pattern on them (like the spotted champion).

-painting trolls (i would prefer to get few extra trolls and then do them in one go)

-unit filler for Night Goblin unit

I will post pictures of items i got from e-bay, probably tomorrow.

Oh, green stuff and plasticard finally arrived. And i am running out of time
[Thumb - IMG_0003.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0005.JPG]
i think this one is without flash

[Thumb - IMG_0007.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0008.JPG]

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Made in si
Been Around the Block

I guess there will be no more pictures for quite a while. I had to pack my things, including the camera.
sorry everyone, i hoped i would be able to at least post one or two updates
Made in si
Been Around the Block

After a long time i finally got back home and back to warhammer.

I decided to play at a tournament. miniatures don't need to be painted which is a mixed blessing. i will be able to field more of them, thats good. But if painting would be required, that would force me to resurrect my brushes.

I realized i need to throw in another chariot. Similar style, with spiders.

I am also discovering the use of instant mold. Yelow parts are instand mold and milliput. I can ad a lot more extra bits without depleting my stock. And its at really low price. Advice: Always have a spare mold for most commonly used accessories ready. So extra milliput won't go to waste. Its a budget project after all.

I decided to spent a few extra buck to add some versatility to my trolls. I believe those 2 extra are from gamezone. Still not painted though.

Also i am building snotling pump wagons. Still a long way to go. I am waiting for some really cheap snotlings lots of them, i ordered some 10 mm goblins, i believe 60 of them, so the wagons will be crowded as they are supposed to.

[Thumb - 20121115_220353.jpg]
simple chariot

[Thumb - 20121115_220529.jpg]
just 2 additional trolls and little modification of existing ones

[Thumb - 20121115_220619.jpg]
two pump wagons. I need to add a lot ob bits and snotlings. dont have many atm

[Thumb - 20121115_220639.jpg]
At the top platform is a simple concept idea i am playing around. Snotling (or maybe goblin) drummer. The ram will be atached to top and will have lots os spiky bits for extra carnage.

[Thumb - 20121115_220651.jpg]
this one has spiky roller

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