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On 2011/07/02 we cleared a deal to trade:


My Tyranids Army:

For Tau Army of his:
2 Devilfish
1 Hammerhead
1 Sky Ray
12 Fire Warriors
and 3 Crisis Suits

I shipped my models to him on 2011/07/02. He said he would send them to me over the weekend. After the weekend I asked him if he had sent it. He said he was busy so he would do it during the week. I waited a week and asked him, no reply, now about 2 months later my models have not arrived and I've lost a painted Tyranid Army. I have sent him about 5 PM during this time and have not gotten a response. I have a tracking number and proof of shipping that I can post up here. I'm sorry if this is a misunderstanding but it has been 2 months and I do not have my models or a reply from you.

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Made in us
Three Color Minimum


Have any of the modes tried to contact dierolanddie yet?

High Quality, Affordable Painting:
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

There is a poster who has an unresolved transaction report with Dierolanddie here as well, also for tyranids:


Please No one trade with this user until these outstanding transactions are resolved.

[So]Rice- I have not personally contacted him, have you communicated with him by any means other than Dakka (phone / email)? That is not really our role, and while I do attempt it at times, this user's time here may be limited given his actions... and thus knowing if you have outside means of contacting him yourself would be very helpful.
Made in us
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Lincolnton, NC

i traded with him and had to post a transaction report..........it took awhile but i got my stuff........oddly enough i think its the models listed above (tau) that i sent him

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