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VASSAL 40k setup and play Tutorial

Ok, there are a few tutorials lurking around but the aim here is to give you everything in one place.

Part 1.
Installing and setting up Vassal.

You need two things.

Firstly the Vassal client -
Download and install the appropriate version for your O.S.

Once installed you need the 40k Module.
I believe 4.5E is the latest version.
It is downloadable from here -

You need Winrar to open the .rar file as winzip cannot read it.
Winrar supports Mac and PC.
Select the version x86 or x64 from the top of the list, download and install.
Winrar is downloadable from here -

Extract Vassal40k_5.4E.rar to an appropriately named folder/directory such as C:\Vassal40k.

From Vassal click File, Open Module, and browse to the extracted main module outside of the folder of stuff that accompanies it.

A popup will display asking for a name and password in Vassal.
Enter your name and create a password.
You are now ready to start learning how to use Vassal.

My first suggestion is to watch a game currently in motion.
You can join rooms where games are being played by right clicking on the room and clicking Join.
Once in, you won’t be able to see anything initially.
You now need to right click on one of the players and select synchronise.

You will then notice the buttons at the top of the window become available.
Clicking on table will show you the game being played.
You can now watch the current game.
To watch another game simply join another room and re-sync with a player.

Without wanting to repeat too much that is out there available already please check out Youtube for further guidance.
You should find this video and others available - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOXqFypF5Yo&feature=related

See you on Vassal at some point hopefully.

Have fun!

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