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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Given that no one in our circle had played the old Tomb Kings, when the new book came out I ran a campaign using the old skirmishers rules for their reawakening.

One friend played Chaos, and another Empire.

Both the sorcerers of Chaos and the Priest of Sigmar had felt the stirring in the desert, and each had sent contingents to investigate.

Each battle had a minor, permanent bonus applied to the winner, or a permanent, minor detriment to the loser.

As they worked their way from the Eastern edge of Nehekhara, they encountered different small armies of TK and sometimes each other.

The first battle was between the Empire and Chaos at Mortis Tarn (spring of the river). It was raining heavily. As units took wounds, subsequent turns would find the rainfall carrying the blood to the river, and as it reached the river it would begin to glow a sickly green. The turn after, the fallen soldier would rise as a skeleton warrior. If left unengaged, the warrior would make his way to the river bank and begin slogging off the battlefield.

My girlfriend wanted to bring her Skaven to the fray, so I had a Skaven force in hiding who detected the awakening as the catacombs around them stirred and spawned TK whose goal was to make it to the underground river and slog to the mouth.

As the Empire made it to shore, south of the main cities, I had a small force of Vampire Counts disembark from ships and scout them there. The Empire player chose to attack, and that battle was fought to determine the VC involvement in the campaign.

Chaos had an opportunity to capture the Casket of Souls in Numas with a battle there. Due to terrible Ld rolling, the battle was a sweeping victory for the TK, and the Casket was carried downriver.

Each battle offered more points than the last, with skirmishers veteran rules and a generous system for upgrading lords and heroes.

At that point the crew was feeling like they wanted to do 40k for a while, so the campaign was put on ice. I doubt we'll get back to it, but we all had a lot of fun.

And that's my cool story.
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