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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Well all, league ends on April 4th, any thougths on what the final four want to do?  Is it a tourney with medals?  Is it a four way free for all?  Is it 1-1-1 game, bring one of every type of unit?  Is it something else you have in mind.

My overall goal for the flex play is to have an "excuse" for players to play on Tues. night.  I am more interested in having the final four be the "winners" then having there only be "one winner".  This time there will be small prizes for all four players or if I collect enough donations ($5.00) then there can be bigger prizes.  Its all in your hands folks.  Whatever  you want to do is fine with me.

Just let me know.


Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

My vote is ice cream party with sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles.

Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Sounds like you need strippers.

I'm available that night.

"Play like you've got a pair!"


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Made in us
Tilter at Windmills

Manchester, NH

For the final event the top four players (stonedogs with Khador, Russ with Cygnar, thetinman with Ashlynn mercs, and me with Cryx) played a four-way game of Domination, 500pts each. We limited it to five turns, each player allowed a maximum of six minutes for each turn, playing in clockwise order. This way we could complete the game in two hours, and there were no long waits between each player's chance to do something. An 18 min wait isn't much, especially when the guys to your left and right are probably attacking you. DZs were 11" square in the corner. Everyone pretty much had a wood in or near their DZ, there was a small low hill in the middle, one between me and Russ, and a small building between Russ and thetinman.

I fielded Deneghra, a Slayer, a Defiler, two Deathrippers, two Nightwretches, a Skarlock, a Necrotech and 4 scrap thralls, and 9 Bile Thralls.

I went second, Khador was to my right and Cygnar to my left. The units Russ put against me were a Thunderhead, Lancer, and a Chain gunner team. Stonedogs engaged with a Destroyer, the all-terrain jack, and a few potshots with the Widowmakers.

I started by wiping out the Chain Gunners with a running Deathripper and Venom, seizing the objective between Russ and I at the same time. The Thunderhead shot and killed the DR, but no biggie. I sent the Defiler and a Nightwretch to arc Crippling Grasp on the Thunderhead shoot him, and with some lucky damage rolls was able to disable him by the third turn. The Lancer arced some Earthquake goodness at me and then engaged in HtH, disabling my Defiler, but didn't have enough time/position to take the objective away from me.

On my right I sent my scrappies and biles first, followed by the Slayer and Necrotech. The Skarlock mostly held back and hung outnin the woods around my "home" objective, and cast Ghostwalk to help my units move easily through the wood covering the forward corner of my DZ. Deneghra stayed in the middle to keep all my arc nodes in range. I sent two jacks running up the center on turns 4 and 5 for slams and objective-grab. My primary tactics on the right and center were Slamming. I used the Slayer to knock the all-terrain jack off the objective he had seized using Vlad's Boundless Charge feat. I used a bonejack slam from the rear to knock Russ' Ironclad off the center point on turn five, grabbing it with the second running bonejack. I used my scrappies as bullet-catchers for shots from the Destroyer, then to DeathBurst against the all-terrain jack after I knocked him on his rear. I used The Withering on turn 3 to affect stonedogs' heavy jacks opposing me, allowing me to get an easier Slam and for my Biles to actually do some damage to the Destroyer. On turn five I Slammed and seized the center objective from Russ, blocked him from taking the objective between us, blocked stonedogs from taking the objective between us by slamming his A-T jack and Immobilizing the Destroyer with the Necrotech's weapon. In the last two turns I cast NO spells. All my focus was used for maintaining CG, Running, Slamming, and boosting. I held four objectives out of nine on my turn five.

Russ couldn't stop me, and neither could stonedogs, but thetinman nearly did. He rushed the center with Ashlynn, Eiryss, and Reinholt. The only mistake he made was running Reinholt and not using his ability to give Ashlynn a second shot (a consequence of being rushed on time). Ashlynn hammered my bonejack on the objective with a single shot, and would have disabled or totalled him with a second shot, leaving Eiryss to take the center objective. Thetinman already had the other three which were mirrors to mine, so I barely won, four objectives to his three.

As the league winners we all got faction medals, and I'm going to get the cards. Sweet!  The plan was actually to have the player with the most total games be the winner and get the cards, but that was me too.

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Maelstrom's Edge! 
Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

That was a great game. I'd like to play more of those in the future. Well fought Ragnar and great use of slamming!

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