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Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Centerville MA

[Thumb - photo (100).jpg]

[Thumb - photo (101).jpg]

[Thumb - photo (103).jpg]

[Thumb - photo (104).jpg]

[Thumb - photo (72).jpg]

[Thumb - photo (102).jpg]
And a Tarascus!

Made in us
Superior Stormvermin


nice job with the bases

oh and that's a lovely tarascus!

check out my blog! now with Blood Angels!!!: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/462471.page
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


What's a tarascus?
Cool tesla thingies, they have crews right? Good poses and bases as well.

Mary Sue wrote: Perkustin is even more awesome than me!

Made in be
Regular Dakkanaut

pretty sweet job man, really liking em !

NO! ... no Gits!  
Made in gb
Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

rainbow dashing to your side

...they look so cute :3

awesome job mate, thinking about getting one of these for my ad mech ^^

my little space marine army, now 20% cooler http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/424613.page
school league:
round 1 2011 W/2 L/1 D/0 round 1 2012 : W/2 L/1 D/0
round 2 2011 W/3 L/0 D/0 round 2 2012 W/3 L/0 D/0
round 3 2011: W/2 L/0 D/1 round 3 2012 W/4 L/0 D/0
school league champions 2011
school league champions 2012
"best painted army, warhammer invasion 2012/2013  
Made in us
Ancient Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

The oceans of the world

That's warmachine right? Very cool.
Made in us
Anointed Dark Priest of Chaos

Not a fan of the strider model, but your basing is excellent.

the othe rbig beastie looks amazing.

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