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How many armies played at your local store are fully painted?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
How many armies played at your local store are fully painted?
I dont have a local store / No idea

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Made in gb
Da Big Mek

London, UK

Poll suggested by Melchiour
Made in nz
Deadly Dire Avenger

Wellington, New Zealand

Scary numbers. What do they say about the hoobyists as of now: are they young and impatient? Or lazy?

I dislike Smurfs.

Made in dk
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon


I voted 75%-100%, but only because my local place to play right now isn't technicaly a store, it is a private club where you have to pay monthly to be a member, and people there almost exclusively play with painted armies, because they mostly have fluff tournaments with extra restrictons and stuff like that. If I had to vote for my old FLGS, the amount of painted MINIATURES would be below 10% counting everyone playing there. It was downright sad. It is closed now and I have moved to a bigger city with much better gaming.

2000pts Da Blitza Boyz! (Orks) 50% painted.

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Made in us
Fanatic with Madcap Mushrooms

Auburn CA

Since I only play during tournaments at my local store I would say 75-100 and soon I will be in that group!

Made in us
Revving Ravenwing Biker

Springfield, Oregon

At my local store, somewhere near 50%. We are working to increase that number, by including painting scores into tournament scores. It has encouraged several people who never paint thier armies to start painting.

Also we will begin a regular day every week for painting and modelling sessions at the store, giving people a place to learn techniques so they are not overwhelmed by the idea of painting thier models.

Hopefully the local armies will reach into the 50-75% margin soon.

Made in au
Anti-Armour Swiss Guard

Newcastle, OZ

I don't play in a store when the people with unpainted armies are around.

Everyone I play with in THAT store, though, has a painted army.

I'm OVER 50 (and so far over everyone's BS, too).
Old enough to know better, young enough to not give a ****.

That is not dead which can eternal lie ...

... and yet, with strange aeons, even death may die.
Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan


26-50% painted. Although I see some fully plastic armies.


Eldar -5000 points 
Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

When I had a store there was only 2 guys that had fully painted armies (though I was a quick approaching third). We'd get about 20 people for tournaments so about 10% of the store. We had a third drift in and out and a fourth who showed up about once every other month, but its still firmly in that lower bracket.

Angels of Acquittance 1,000 pts 27-8-10
Menoth 15 pts 0-0-0
Dwarves 1,000 pts 3-1-0
 Sigvatr wrote:
. Necrons should be an army of robots, not an army of flying French bakery.

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

Minnesota, land of 10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Mosquitos

76-100% at my FLGS. Most of them are not professionally painted armies (though in fairness, two of them play horde Orks), but pretty much everyone has at least a vast majority of their army painted. The few who don't have fully painted armies don't show up much, and have only recently gotten enough forces to play in the league to begin with.

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Made in us
Nasty Nob on Warbike with Klaw

Buzzard's Knob

I play against a lot of people who bought their armies in odd lots off of Ebay, and so they are usually poorly painted, non-matching and patched up. I am roundly reviled because nearly everything in my Ork army is entirely painted, or at least has basic colors. Haters gotta hate....

Made in gb
Lethal Lhamean


Wow. Looks like I'm lucky to have about 80% fully painted (or almost fully e.g. one model being currently painted). What's the point of buying an army if you're just going to play with it grey? The point of playing warhammer is that it looks at least partially realistic!

Made in gb
Defending Guardian Defender

I only play with my fully painted army and I'm always a bit disappointed when I am given an opponent who isn't (Only 0-25% at my local GW are).

I think there is a lot of inpatience, but also some reticence. My brother is a great painter (probably 5-6/10 compared to the gallery here, but gets 'painter's block' a lot. He worries about not doing the job perfectly so never starts.

Made in no
Terrifying Doombull


Well if I attended the troll hole that my UFLGS is I would say around 70%
Made in ca
Irked Necron Immortal

I've never battled, just a painter so i put 0-25%

Morat Noob

New Sylvans eventually



Snowy bases for the snow god!!
Made in gb
Agile Revenant Titan

In the Casualty section of a Blood Bowl dugout

75.5% WHAT DO I DO?!

I joke.

Actually, I think I'm pretty lucky at my FLGS as almost all of the armies seen there, including mine, are fully painted. Even the ones that aren't are usually basecoated at least.


9th Age Fantasy Rules

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Less than 5%, and most of the rest are 50%+ proxied...
Made in us
Stabbin' Skarboy


its hard to tell for my FLGS cause many people have multiple armies that come out to play pretty often, some armies are painted some are partially painted and some are all grey


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Made in au
Daring Dark Eldar Raider Rider

In your nightmares...

I voted 26-50%, though quite a lot of the people at the FLGS (including me) are working on getting their models painted.

2000 points. Win:23 Draw:3 Lost:3

Back after hiatus. I'll see you around! 
Made in ca
Nasty Nob


Seeing one that's painted with any effort at all is a rarity. A great deal of them don't have a drop on them. Not a single micron of pigment. Seriously, is it that hard to paint a miniature? I want my enemies to look good. Makes it more rewarding when I kill them.


To Be Stomped
No One
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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I play in san Diego cal. My gaming group is almost 100% painted. I can't even think of one of our members that doesn't have a fully painted army. Well one guys isn't complete but that's just because he decided to change it. But his other armies are fully painted. As far as the store I'm not sure. I don't play in there leagues anymore.
Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker


No FLGS, but we do have a group that meets once a month. There's only a couple of us with fully painted armies.

Raven Guard 9159 pts (100% painted )
Evil Sunz 2410 PTS (15% painted)
31st Harakoni/211th Mordian 4600 pts (60% painted)
Arach-Qin 1200 pts (50% painted)
Necrons 600 pts (100% Painted)
Cygnar 11 pts
Cryx 14 pts
Legion of Everblight 13 pts 
Made in gb

Great Britain

I play at the GW HQ at Lenton, Nottingham, and although I don't go nearly as often as I'd like, I'd say the majority of players (usually aged 10 - 16) do not play with fully painted armies, or even armies which are painted at all!

You get the odd player turn up with a really good, fully painted army, but thats rare in my experience. I actually refuse to play with anyone who has not painted their whole army to a good standard...I've spent the time and effort to paint mine, why should I play with people who are too lazy??? Therefore I usually just play with my brother, who has the same thinking as me.


Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

I voted for 75%

I'm shocked that the results are mostly below 50%. It's a shame that there are so many unpainted armies out there.

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Made in us
Iron Fang

I actually haven't played a game at my FLGS yet, but honestly, if I find that most people there don't paint their minis, i'd rather play most games against my friends' nearly fully painted army.

With that said, I shall back away slowly and ominously and disappear in a puff of smoke, then smuggle some fruit across the border in order to stay competitive with the veggie cartel.  
Made in gb
Excited Doom Diver


It's a shame that there are so many unpainted armies out there

I voted <25% because most of the people who play in my local GW have mainly painted armies with a few unpainted or unfinished units/models for a given army at any given time. But I'd guess over 75% of models fielded tend to be painted to at least a basic standard (including those of most of the children who hang around in the holidays).

Follow these two simple rules to ensure a happy Dakka experience:

Rule 1 - to be a proper 40K player you must cry whenever a new edition of the game is released, and always call opposing armies broken when you don't win.

Rule 2 - Games Workshop are always wrong and have been heading for bankrupcy within 5 years since the early 90s.  
Made in gb
Been Around the Block


I chose 26 - 50, just because because before I quit ages ago, all the kids, had half painted, or painted armies that were just a blob of paint of their choice of colour. 17 now but I have only just got back into the hobby and haven't been to my local GW yet.

Blood Angels 3rd Company
Space Wolves Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company
Rynn's World Battle Force 
Made in de
Yellin' Yoof on a Scooter

As a technicality, 0%. That's due to the fact that about everyone has a few/bunch of miniatures unpainted.
Realistically seen, it's about 60% of all models total and ever increasing since even the kids get good due to various painting tips, but some of the tournament players hardly paint their stuff at all which drags the total score down somewhat. As I only started Orkz myself recently I'm not really contributing much yet to the total score

Made in gb
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper


Im lucky the norwich games workshop rule is and i quote: if you do not paint somthing you are NOT allowed to battle no matter how much you bribe us with food. also no food at the tables!

P.S: real hobbyists don't sit in a battle think about that. Also i used to spend 5 minutes painting a space marine but when i start my tyranid army im gunna take so much time, effort and sweat into every model i'll be dead by the time im done!

Make a poll for the choice if you like the new allies rule or not pleeeeaaassse i wanna see what other people think of it!

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thinking of gettong warhammer fantasy empire so i'll have 2 lots of normal humans! 
Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker


While most armies aren't completely painted (some having almost no painted models), it takes time to fully paint an army. Yes, I prefer to play against a fully painted army and field one myself. However, I'm not gonna be picky and say I won't play you because your army isn't painted, at least the first time or two (taking into account why it's not painted).

If you show at least some progress on your army, even if it's just one model a week, I have no problems with your army being unpainted. If a month or more goes by, and there's no progress on your army, then I might have a problem, unless something came up that prevented you from doing any painting.

Some people really don't have the time to paint their models, but really enjoy the game (though rarely getting to play due to their busy schedule).

Also, you have the new gamers that just dropped $300-$400 into the models for their army, built them, and want to play their army right away. I have no problems with that either, just the next time we play, have a model or 2 painted to show that you're not just gonna leave it grey.

I've been into the game for a little over a year now, and just played my first games with a fully painted army this past Saturday. However, I've always shown a little progress on painting each time out. Not to mention the fact that I've started 3 armies since starting my Raven Guard and have painted some on each army (4 if you count the Chaos Marine army I started on, then gave to my sister since she wanted to get into it).

There are many reasons why one may not have their army painted. I try to take into account why one's army isn't painted before I say no to a game with them (which, BTW, I have never said no to a game due to issues with a non-painted army).

Raven Guard 9159 pts (100% painted )
Evil Sunz 2410 PTS (15% painted)
31st Harakoni/211th Mordian 4600 pts (60% painted)
Arach-Qin 1200 pts (50% painted)
Necrons 600 pts (100% Painted)
Cygnar 11 pts
Cryx 14 pts
Legion of Everblight 13 pts 
Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Birmingham, AL

ted1138 wrote:
Less than 5%, and most of the rest are 50%+ proxied...

ohh god..........

"The strength of a blade is tested by fire. The strength of a warrior is tested by actions."

4500 pts (1000 or so painted)
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