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Made in gb
Man O' War


BIG MEK STUDIOS are now selling converted Chaos Dwarf, Pirate Ogre and Chaos skaven, renegade guardsmen and converted chaos marines miniatures

Also all the minis are 100% GW material so legal in tourneys

This is our price list, note: some products have been inspiered by the Chaos Dwarf army book, and may be sold elsewhere..
Products sold by BIG MEK STUDIOS may vary from the same product (but made differently) on other sites such as forge world...

Custom Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard-Pack of 16 for £30
Custom Chaos Dwarf Deathquake Mortar-£30
Custom Chaos Dwarf Warriors-Pack of 16 for £30
Custom Chaos Dwarf Thunderers-Pack of 10 for £25
Custom Chaos Dwarf Cannon Or Organ Gun-£30
Custom Chaos Dwarf Tamurkhan On Toad Dragon model- £80
Custom Chaos Dwarf Tamurkhan Ogre Tyrant Model-£30
Custom Chaos War Mammoth-£100
Custom Ogre Kingdoms Pirate Crew- Pack of 6 for £40
Custom Ogre Kingdoms Alligator/Crocodile Cavalry-pack of 2 for £40 (converted mournfang cavalry)
Custom Ogre Kingdoms Walrus-£45 (ThunderTusk)
Custom Ogre Kingdoms Blackbeard-£20 (Converted Tyrant)
Custom Orge Kindoms Knoblar Scaliwags- pack of 24 for £30
Custom Chaos Skaven Stormvermin-Pack of 20 for £60
Custom Chaos Skaven Plague Preachers-Pack of 20 for £30


Custom Chaos Space marine chaplain- £12
Custom Renegade Guardsmen - £25 for pack of 10
Horus - £20
Fulgrim - £20
Magnus - £20

please PM me if you want to purchase any of these CUSTOM CONVERSION* models

* these models are custom made however before you purchase these items we will have pictures of them on these forums or i will PM them, they will vary slightly from depictions in the books, all of these models are made from existing GW models but have undergone coversions using: Bitz Packs, Green stuff and other packs of GW minature, if you would like to know what minis are used to made one of these models just PM me (as we havnt got the site up and running yet)

also, we will use ebay for any purchases

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Khador 75p
Menoth 35p
Circle 25p
Legion 25p 
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