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Triple Threat 1500 Point Battle = Chaos Marines VS Space Wolves VS Black Templars  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Implacable Black Templar Initiate

Poconos, PA

This battle sees a triple threat battle between the Black Templars, Space Wolves, and the Chaos Marines fighting for control with 4 objectives, one set in the middle and one placed by each player through it ended up in everyone's deployment. Nothing too crazy and pretty casual list wise I think.

Note that I refer to paint schemes of certain vehicles and reference several location on the game board so have a look at the pics for a better idea of whats going on (most notable being the central objective, the crater in the corner). Some proxies with wargear were used in this game as well. Sadly some pics were too bad to put up so some missing pics :(

Army Lists
Space Wolves

Bjorn the Fell-Handed
> Armed with a Twin Linked Lascannon

10 Grey Hunters
> Armed with 2 Melta guns and a Power Fist
> Arriving in a drop pod with a deathwind missile launcher.

9 Blood Claws lead by Lucas the Trickster
> Armed with a flamer
> Joined by a Wolf Guard with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.
> Riding a Rhino

9 Grey Hunters
> Armed with a Plasma Gun and a Power Fist
> Joined by a Wolf Guard with a Combi-Melta and Wolf Claw.
> Riding in a Rhino

6 Grey Hunters
> Armed with a Plasma Gun and a Power Fist
> Riding in a Razorback armed with a twin linked lascannon

Heavy Support
6 Man Long Fangs Pack
> ARmed with 5 missile Launchers
> Squad leader armed with PLasma Gun

Chaos Marines

Daemon Prince
> Mark of Nurgle, Wings, and Warp Time psychic power.

> Armed with Close Combat Weapon and Missile Launcher

10 Chaos Marines
> Armed with 2 Plasma Guns, Champion with a Power Fist
> Riding in a Rhino

9 Thousand Sons
> Sorcerer with Wind of Chaos
> Riding in a Rhino with Daemonic Possession

7 Plague Marines
> Armed with 2 Meltaguns, Champion with a Power Fist
> Riding in a Rhino

Heavy Support
2 Obliterators

> Armed with 2 close combat weapons.

Black Templars

Emperor's Champion
> Accept Any Challenge

> Upgraded to Venerable with Tank Hunter
> Armed with an Assault Cannon

5 Terminators
> Armed with 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers and with Tank Hunter

13 Man Crusader Squad (10 Initiates 3 Neophytes)
> Armed with Close Combat Weapons, a meltagun, and a power fist
> Riding in a Land Raider Crusader with Dozer Blades

10 Man Crusader Squad (8 Initiates 2 Neophytes)
> Armed with Close Combat Weapons, a meltagun, and a power fist
> Riding in a Drop POd

10 Man Crusader Squad (8 Initiates 2 Neophytes)
> Armed with Bolters and Shotguns, a meltagun, and a power fist
> Riding in a Drop POd

Fast Attack
Land Speeder
> Armed with a Cyclone Missile Launcher and Heavy Bolter

The Game Board and Objectives

Black Templars win the roll to go first with Chaos Marines pulling up 2nd, then finishing with Space Wolves going last. I setup my Black Templar in my corner setting up my land raider crusader to make a dash to the middle and cause much annoyance. With Terminators, Venerable Dread, and Land Speeder going for the flanks and drop pods waiting in reserve.

Chaos deployed with rhinos aimmed at each objective with heavy support attacking from the back end.

The Space Wolves deploy similarly but closer to the Black Templar. We decided to keep with the deployment since we weren't really following any rule set for multi sided battles.

Both Chaos and the Space Wolves failed to steal initiative so began the battle...

Turn 1 - The Battle Begins!
Black Templars Turn 1
The battle begins with the Black Templars. Moving the Land Speeder out from cover to fire upon the Nurgle Daemon Prince causing two wounds onto it. Mean while the Venerable Dread moves ahead and fires his assault cannon onto Bjorn the Fell-handed and managed to blow off his Lascannon before he could even get a single shot off. The Land Raider begins a slow move towards the middle and joins the Terminators in firing onto the Razorback and managed to to both immobilize and destroy it's weapon.

Chaos Marines Turn 1
The Nurgle Daemon Prince starts to sprint towards the land speeder with a Iron Warrior's rhino full of chaos marines following. The Defiler provided covering fire and managed to stun the land speeder. The Thousand Sons and the PLague Marines split apart and move in on other objectives near his deployment.

Space Wolves Turn 1
The Space Wolves split their forces between the incoming Chaos Marines and the close Black Templars. A Space Wolves drop pod arrives and lands between the land raider crusader and the space wolves deployment. Grey Hunters come out of the drop pod and fire their meltaguns at the black templar's land raider crusader and failed to do anything to it. The Drop Pod itself fired its deathwind launcher ontothe terminators but failed to do anyhting to them. The Long Fangs provided fire support splitting their missiles between the Nurgle Rhino and the Templar's Venerable dread, while only stunnin the Venerable dread they did manage to destroy the Nurgle Rhino as Bjorn marched towards the Plague Marines inside.

Turn 2 - Torrent of Fire!
No Objectives held by anyone

Black Templars Turn 2
The Land Raider Crusader continues moving towards the middle, with the Emperor's Champion jumping out to deal with the Grey Hunters that arrived from the drop pod. The Land Raider gives control of its multi-melta to the machine spirit and managed to wound the daemon prince again taking it down to its last wound. The rest of the weapons on the land raider unload onto the near by Grey Hunters and cut down their numbers to just 4 remained and the survivors were charged by the Emperor's Champion and killed all but the last Grey Hunter who managed to instant death the Emperor's Champion with a hit from his power fist. While all that was going on the Terminators started picking off an other rhino by immobilizing and destroying the weapon.

Chaos Marines Turn 2
Both Rhinos continue their advances towards the enemy lines. The obliterators fire at the land raider and managed to kill off the multi-melta gunner and the daemon prince then charged and wrecking the land raider! The defiler begins to slowly march off his firing post while continuing support fire but completely missed the land speeder. The plagues move up and attempt to fire their melta-guns at Bjorn but to no affect as his ward guards him.

Space Wolves Turn 2
Leaving the safty of their Razorback, the squad inside moves into a crater in the corner of the battle and fire their bolter rounds into the terminators and managed to kill one. The lone survivor of the drop pod grey hunters moves back and fires his bolter at the terminators as well and even kills yet an other Terminator! Meanwhile the last remaining mobile rhino moves on the middle objective and inside Lucas and a fellow blood claw fire out at the daemon prince to no effect. Bjorn moves up and charges the Plague Marines and begins by killing off two of the plague marines, only the power fist can even do anything to Bjorn but only managed to shaken him. Mean while the Long Fangs continue their missile volley and manage to wreck the Tzeentch Rhino but missing the other targets.

Turn 3 - The Descent!
Space Wolves hold 1 objective - Chaos Marines and Black Templars hold nothing.

Black Templar Turn 3
Black Templar reserves start to arrive with a drop pod filled with a crusader squad armed with close combat weapons and strike into the Space Wolves deployment area. The squad joins the Terminators in firing into the Grey Hunter hiding in the crater and managed to weaken the squad up down to about half. The squad that was inside the land raider follows the lone surviving grey hunter and charge him to revenage the death of their Emperor's Champion and slaughter him accordingly. The Land Speeder and Venerable Dread both move and unload into the Daemon Prince but Nurgle smiles and protects his daemon prince from all damage.

Chaos Marine Turn 3
The Daemon Prince switches transports yet again and rips apart the land speeder with ease. The Thousand Sons emerged from their wrecked rhino and move around and fired upon the Long Fangs with a Wind of Chaos and inferno bolts, killing all but a single member of the squad. The Obliterators fire at the Templar Venerable dreadnought but miss while the Defiler moves and runs to join the plague marines in battle Bjorn. Bjorn however manages to kill off all the plague marines but not before his dreadnought close combat arm gets ripped off by a lone plague marine with power fist before being dragged down. The last surviving squad of chaos troops decide to change in their mission and start reversing back to their own objective. However a forgotten Dreadnought arrives from reserves and begins rushing behind the Defiler to get into the battle.

Space Wolves Turn 3
Lucas and his Blood Claws leave the rhino in the middle and move to charge the Crusader Squad that just arrived by the drop pod. The Blood Claws manage to only kill a single Neophyte with gunfire but in the charge ended up in a equal duel with the Crusaders with 5 death per side. Hiding in the crater, the Grey Hunters continue firing upon the Terminators and manage to take down an other two of them leaving only one surviving terminator. The Space Wolves Drop Pod continues firing its Deathwind launcher and actually manages to kill 2 members of the large crusader squad that came out of the land raider. On the other end of the battlefield, Bjorn moves back and joins an other squad of Grey Hunters in assaulting the Thousand Sons and manage to cut them down to half their numbers.

Turn 4 - King of the Hill!
No one controls any objectives

Black Templars Turn 4
The last Drop Pod arrives from reserve and unleashes an other Crusader squad onto the central objective and move to secure it. However before anything else happens the Daemon Prince attempts to Warp Time and causes a Perils of the Warp and fails it's invulnerable save thus killing off the daemon prince menace inside the black templar deployment. This frees up the Venerable dread to move and explode the Space Wolf rhino off the cental objective. Drop Pod fire upon surviving Space Wolves caught out in the open, picking off the last long fang. Lucas finishes off the last of the crusader squad and moves to engage other targets while inside the crater the Black Templars and Space Wolves battle it out in close combat with no one gaining the upper hand.

Chaos Marines Turn 4
The last rhino keeps moving back to keep their own objective while both the dreadnought and defiler move into the middle to cause havoc but only the defiler is able to catch the crusaders looking to capture the middle objective and start the slow battle for the middle ground. The Thousand Sons surprised by both Bjorn and Grey Hunters assaulting them were destroyed and were unable to deal anything in return, the Grey Hunters moved back to deal with their own objective while Bjorn moved to engage the now occupied Defiler.

Space Wolves Turn 4
AFter killing off the Thousand Sons, the Grey Hunters move to secure their own objective while the Lucas began removing the drop pods from the battlefield. Bjorn manages to catch the Defiler in a charge but no one could hit or damage each other during that conflict. Elsewhere in the corner crater the Black Templars manage to finish off the Grey Hunters allowing them to move back to their own objective.

Turn 5 - Last Resorts!
Space Wolves hold 1 objective - Chaos Marines and Black Templars hold nothing.

Black Templar Turn 5
Fresh from victory after killing off the Space Wolves from the nearby crater, the Crusaders move to secure their own objective. The lone terminator moved and fire upon the remaining 4 Blood Claws and managed to take two down. Meanwhile at the central objective, the Venerable Dreadnought joins into the assault between a Defiler, Bjorn, and one of the Crusader Squads and both the Venerable Dread and the Crusader break off a weapon from the defiler while the Defiler and Bjorn do nothin but shaken each other.

Chaos Marines Turn 5
Their last troops move onto their own objective while obliterators explode the final drop pod on the battlefield. While the battle in the middle continues with no one able to damage each.

Space Wolves Turn 5
In an other charge, Lucas and his one remaining blood claw charge into the remaining crusaders and kill them off completely leaving only them and the dreadnoughts in an large mechanical assault.

The battle however ends before more anything else could happen. The game endes with each army holding their own objective however the central objective is left contested in a mangled mess.

Game Ends in a 3 Way Draw!

Final Thoughts
Just my own final thoughts here, everything did very well for my Black Templars through I didn't have much of any luck with my drop pod squads. My MVP I think would either be my Venerable Dreadnought who managed to go the entire game without anything other than being stunned or my terminators that managed to gridlock half the Space wolves.

The Chaos Marines ran into several roadblocks with the Space Wolves, leaving them having to choose between engaging me more heavily or secure their own objective. Sadly he forgot about his dreadnought until halfway through and brought him in from reserve. His daemon prince while taking a lot of damage early just would not die from all the fire we put on it, while death by perils is bad the damage he did before he was removed was impressive.

The Space Wolves were a good all around. Bjorn providing a large annoyance to the Chaos Marine player and that one Grey Hunter killing off the Emperor's Champion and then killing a Terminator with a bolter round is just not right. It might of been overkill to send a large crusader squad after him but thats what he gets.

Overall a great game with several moments of heroics and momentum shifts!

4500 Points
Made in us
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Entertaining read, Rouga. Nice to see Lukas actually get fielded for a change, although I'm questioning the judgment of my fellow SW general by giving his squad a vehicle they couldn't assault from.
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