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Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Lincoln UK

I’ve being doing a little clean out recently and came across my old Babylon 5 fleets, the first was a professionally painted Interstellar Alliance’s White Star Fleet but that has now been sold.

The 2nd is my old Crusade Era Human Alliance fleet...

Overall it features...

1 Poseidon Super Carrier,
X2 Marathon Advanced Cruisers,
1 Apollo Bombardment Cruiser,
X4 Hyperion Assault Cruisers (3 painted white instead of blue and 1 with a broken base),
1 Delphi Advanced Scout,
X4 Chronos Attack Frigates (1 missing turret),
X4 Hermes Transports,
18 Starfury & 12 Thunderbolt Squadrons (some broken off their bases but easily fixed)

Sadly Babylon 5 Call To Arms is very rarely played in my area so I have no more need for it, however I know the game is still played at other clubs and gaming stores so I’m putting the fleet up for sale for much cheaper than the ISA fleet because it's no where near as nice as that one!

Here are some more detailed pictures of the ships, all ships are not glued to their bases and can easily be removed from them for easy transit.

Anyway PM if your interested in buying the fleet?

Poseidon Super Carrier

2 Marathon Advanced Cruisers

Apollo Bombardment Cruiser & Hyperion Assault Cruiser

1 Delphi Advanced Scout & 3 Chronos Attack Frigates

4 Hermes Transports

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