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Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

I have been working on my highlighting with these guys. It's so hard for me to finish a whole box when I have about 10 other projects that I've already started but I've been forcing myself to finish these. Does anybody have any feedback before I continue? I still have some work to do on the bases.
[Thumb - CIMG3471.JPG]
Tried some new things with the bases. I added some cork, beans and sand.

[Thumb - CIMG3482.JPG]

[Thumb - CIMG3481.JPG]

[Thumb - CIMG3483.JPG]
I like the pose that I was able to create on this one

[Thumb - CIMG3484.JPG]
This is my favorite one so far

[Thumb - CIMG3485.JPG]

Made in dk
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot


I'm having problems getting your pics in here, but I'll just do my best without them

In your last picture, I love the blue tongue and the face. I think the highlights are what really made it pop. Well done!

My CC: You have some weird ashy, grey color where shadows would normally be. I'm not sure what look you were going for, but it's throwing me off a bit. Also, I'd like to see a more adventurous scheme picked out for the horns than just drybrushing.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

The 104th Vostroyan Mechanized
Rawson's Reboot

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Made in gb
Mighty Gouge-Horn

I really like it, the highlighting is very good and the speckled white effect looks very nice, i would agree with rawson though about the shaded areas, I sometimes get a similar effect when i've used the black wash really heavily or when using a black primer if its not been shaken enough, i'll bet someone will be able to help you out further, but might be the reason, but being overly critical really, think it's really good, good job.

Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

I believe the shading looks a bit off because I tried putting a finish on it. It kind of gave it a little glossy glazed look. I tried something different with the horns on both of them. The one with the darker horns turned out the best in my opinion. I'll see what I can come up with though. I might redo the shading with some black ink.
Made in us
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

OK! I fixed the original bloodletters up a bit and I went crazy on some others. I get bored doing the same paint job over and over so I gave them a little zazz. I'm pretty excited with how my skill is improving. I hope to catch up to the lot of you in here some day. Let me know how you think they're comin along.
[Thumb - CIMG3492.JPG]
favorite one

[Thumb - CIMG3493.JPG]

[Thumb - CIMG3494.JPG]

[Thumb - CIMG3495.JPG]
Went with cold colors on this one. I think I'll stick with the reds.

[Thumb - CIMG3496.JPG]
I went back over the shaded areas a little

[Thumb - CIMG3497.JPG]

[Thumb - CIMG3498.JPG]
I darkened the shaded areas and scrapped the white horns idea

[Thumb - CIMG3499.JPG]

Made in dk
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

I really like the broghtly painted one, keep it up!

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