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Regular Dakkanaut

People are going to think this report is very premature but you need to consider the amount of money invloved in this transaction.
You also need to consider what has been received so far.

The deal involves this thread http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/425451.page

The amount paid to the seller was £410.

The deal was (seller stated this) that the items would be posted on Saturday 28th January and he would PM track numbers etc.
He did not contact me on Saturday and I only found out he had posted 5 packages on Sunday after I had PM'ed him. Seller stated there was 6 packages but 1 ripped and he had to take it back home. (On his previous advert for these models there was 8 packages. I have no idea how many packages I am supposed to receive as the seller wont reply to my pm's)
On monday I received 3 packages and on Tuesday I received 1 more.
The contents of these is listed below.

11 Landspeeders of which 4 are complete and 7 are incomplete with no bitz to repair them.
2 Incomplete 4 wheel buggies with no bitz to repair them.
60 Terminators approx (I think theres a 1 arm Chaplain in there too) - 43 Terminators are badly painted and will need stripped and 17 have various bitz missing and although there is enough bitz in the bitz box to repair the deal wasnt for incomplete Terminators.
3.1 kg of Bitz, basing mats etc...

Now I must confess I am really confused here and cannot get a reply from the seller to clarify.

Does a Landspeeder with Bits missing from it count as a Complete Landspeeder for sale purposes?
Does 47 Terminators with Bits missing count as Complete Terminators for sale purposes?
Does 60 Badly Painted Terminators count as Basecoated Terminators for selling purposes?

I know its only been a few days but you need to know that while the advert was active and during discussions the Pm reply rate was Lightning fast and even on Sunday, Monday it was lightning fast. The replies have only became non existant since i started asking for updates on the amount of packages, missing items etc..etc..
I dont think I am being unreasonable requesting updates where such a large amount of money is concerned.

What I have still to receive is listed below and I am pretty sure you will struggle to fit all that stuff in a Box or 2.

Over 50 Dark Angel Terminators - Assuming we count the ones already received, if the broken ones dont count then its closer to 70 - 80.

15 Speeders, 6 Attack Bikes and 36 Bikes. (Not 100% sure on this amount as I have received 11 (7 damaged) landspeeders. Im not sure if the 11 or the 4 complete were part of the 15)

1 Ravenwing Librarian on quadbike and 1 chaplain on bike

Samael model (metal) and in a speeder...

2x Land Raider Crusaders with special greenstuff molded bits

1x FW Prometheus

1x FW Damocles painted to good standard

1x Vindicator (new model) base coated black

1x Whirlwind (new model) base coated DA Green

2 FW Dreadnoughts (1 DA Ven Dread painted to good standard, 1 Mk4 Ven Dread basecoated and some paint)

1 Techmarine w/ 4 servitors

1 NOS Assault Terminator Squad

3 NOS Land Speeders

1 FW Dark Angel Waterslide decal sheet

2 Drop pods with removeable harnesses (I used them as dready drop pods)

4.9 KG Of Bitz.

As you can see thats a lot of stuff I am still waiting on and I really would appreciate some Tracking Numbers as agreed.
I hope ths post will maybe jolt the seller into replying to me with the information.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Update - Tried to call the seller a couple of times last night and left a message. Surprise surprise no one answered and no return call.

Will keep trying all day today.
Also contacted bank and although there is nothing they can do to get the money back they have told me to contact the police and report the matter and call them back with an Incident number and they will then put some things in place.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Lincolnshire UK

Would you not have to return all the things you've received before you get a refund?

As for the condition of the models there are photos in that thread so you knew what they looked like before you bought them.

Also you mentioned you contacted the bank, does that mean you paid by bank transfer, a payment method that has no buyer protection? Surely Paypal would've been a safer and smarter option.

Tried to call him last night? Some people go out on Friday nights and also go out on Saturdays. I don't usually answer my phone in the evenings unless I know who it is either so maybe they're doing the same.

And yes this is a pretty premature transaction report as it's only been a week since the first agreed posting date and sometimes real life situations do happen.
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Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

I am going to temporarily lock this, as it has only been a week since some packages were shipped. There are a lot of pictures in the thread linked to. If, after one more week and attempts to resolve this via PM there are still discrepancies in the trade, please PM me to re-open this thread.

We cannot allow the opening of TRs after a single week, especially when there has been some movement towards resolution of the trade. I am going to see about making the rules on this more clear, as they currently are not specific, but our "acting minimum" has been 2 weeks up to this point, and so that is what will apply here as well.
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