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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Played yesterday at the Spoon of Shame 1650 event at the Overlords. This is the report from my second game, against a guy called Johnny, playing regular Marines. I took my newly updated Slaanesh Chaos Marines.

I was only taking photos on my iPhone, so the wide shots weren't great, so I've converted the wides into Vassal Maps to give you a better idea of what's going on.

ArbitorIan's Slaanesh CSM 1650

* Chaos Lord [MoS, Terminator Armour, Daemon Weapon, TL Bolter)
* Chaos Sorcerer [MoS, Lash of Submission]
* 5 Terminators [MoS, TL Bolters, 2 Power Weapons, Powerfist, Chainfist, Lightning Claw]
* 6 Chosen [MoS, 4 Power Weapons, Hvy Bolter]
* Chaos Dreadnought [Plasma Cannon]
* 6 Noise Marines [5 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster]
* 6 Noise Marines [5 Sonic Blasters, Champion w/Power Fist, Doom Siren] in a Rhino
* 6 Chaos Marines [MoS, Plasmagun]
* Predator [TL Lascannons, Lascannon Sponsons, Daemonic Possession]
* Predator [Autocannon, Hvy Bolter Sponsons, Dirge Caster]

Johnny's Space Marine 1650

* Captain [Jump Pack, Storm Shield, Power Fist]
* Chaplain [Jump Pack]
* 10 Tactical Marines [Plasmagun, Hvy Plasma, Sgt w/Power Weapon] in a Rhino
* 10 Tactical Marines [Plasmagun, Hvy Plasma, Sgt w/Power Weapon]
* 10 Assault Marines [2 Flamers, Sgt w/Power Fist, Storm Shield]
* 5 Devastators [4 Heavy Bolters]
* 5 Devastators [4 Missile Launchers]
* 5 Devastators [4 Lascannons]


This was Capture and Control with Dawn of War setup. i won the roll and chose the bottom left corner, placing the Blastmaster Noise Marines and the Chaos Marines with the Sorcerer in the tallest pile of ruins. Johnny set up directly opposite, placing his Tactical Squad on his objective, their Rhino within 6" of the table edge, and the Captain in the next set of ruins along.

Johnny then seized the initiative!

SM Turn 1

The rest of the army came on, all three Devastator squads running into the craters, and the second Tactical squad moving into the Rhino. The Assault Squad and Chaplain joined the Captain, and the Bike Squad turbo-boosted into the centre. Accoring to my map, something killed some Noise Marines, but I can't remember what. Maybe it was the Hvy Plasma in the Tactical Squad.

CSM Turn 1

The two Predators arrive and take up position behind the pipes, supported by the Dreadnought. The Sorcerer lashes the Hvy Bolter Devastators off the craters and into a bundle, but only one of them dies to templates from the Blastmaster. The second Noise Marine squad in the Rhino move up to try and get into position with their Doom Siren.

SM Turn 2

The Assault Squad and characters jump forward behind the barricades, as the Devastators open up on the Noise Marines and the Predator Annihilator. The Annihilator's Daemonic Possession means that it ignores the shaken result, and a couple more Noise Marines die in the ruins. The Bike Squad zoom around to the Chaos Rhino, and explode it, then assault the Noise Marines, who do really badly. At the end of the combat, three Noise Marines are dead and one Biker.

CSM Turn 2

The Terminators turn up almost exactly on target and open fire on the Tactical Squad, killing a few. The Sorcerer lashes the Missile Launcher Devastators into the open, and massed fire from the Blastmaster and Dreadnought kills three. The remaining two retreat off the board. One more Noise Marine dies to a Biker.

SM Turn 3

The Assault Squad bounce forward once more into the open, and the Rhino pulls round to the objective, deploying another Tactical Squad. Massed fire from both Tactical Squads kills three Terminators. The Devastators keep shooting into the ruins, this time killing the Sorcerer and a fair few Noise and Chaos Marines. One more Noise Marine and one Biker die in close combat at the bottom of the board.

CSM Turn 3

The Chosen move on from their outflanking position to support the Terminators, who charge into the newly-disembarked Tactical Squad, killing six. On the other side of the board, the entire Slaanesh line opens fire at the Assault Squad, killing ten models including the Chaplain and reducing the squad to a Captain and a regular Marine.

SM Turn 4

The remaining two Jump Pack models charge the Dreadnought, but only shake it, and the Devastators kill one more Noise Marine, leaving only the Blastmaster. The Biker Sgt finally kills the Noise Champion and moves around to face the Predators. The Tactical Squad holding the objective open fire on the Chosen, killing three, and the Tactical Squad in combat are reduced to one man, while killing one Terminator.

CSM Turn 4

Tank fire kills the last Biker and the Hvy Bolter Devastators, while the Chosen charge into the Tactical Squad holding the objective, losing one Chaos Marine but killing three Tactical Marines. The Terminators finish their combat and turn around.

SM Turn 5

In the last turn, the Captain is killed by the Dreadnought and the Tactical Marines are almost wiped out by the Chosen. (Ignore the skulls on the Lascannon Devastators)

CSM Turn 5

And finally, massed fire takes out four of the Lascannon Devastators, as the Terminators and Chosen h off the Tactical Squad and contest the Marine Objective, and the Dreadnought kills the last Assault Marine.

There was another turn after this, but nothing really happened, so the victory went to the Slaanesh CSM!

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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Oh, and I've been building this army here - http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/426461.page

Made in fr
Infiltrating Broodlord


Your chaos dread is just fantastic. Waiting your Prince completed go on this way. very very very good models

Every molecule will be useful

6000+ pts NIDS
() 2000 pts growing to 4000... 
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Toban wrote:Your chaos dread is just fantastic. Waiting your Prince completed go on this way. very very very good models

Thanks - I'll get another game in once the Prince is finished. I've been needing that DP for a while now... !

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