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Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut

hi poeple converter here with a new conversion well conversion its just the mantic dwarf with a chess peace on there heads the white peaces are normal dwarfs and the black peaces are chaos dwarfs
the chess box is made from plasticard im still looking for a good handle for it so i can carry it like a case.

enjoy and please c&c.

sorry for the picture heavy but i wanted to give you all the right kind of show to well show of my creation.

Made in us
Monstrous Master Moulder


Haha that is the coolest chess set I have seen!

Made in gb
Screaming Banshee

University of Reading, Berkshire, UK

Really awesome but my only flaw with it is the pieces being on their heads.

I'm not familiar with Mantic's dwarf range, but there must've been a variety of models that could have allowed you to represent the different chess pieces? I think that having the pieces on their heads looks a little bit odd.

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Made in us


Very cool.
Brings out a couple ideas...

Dwarves vs. Orks (or SM, if you prefer sci-fi)
Eldar vs. Dark Eldar (or elves. This 1 was also super obvious)


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Made in us
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

USA - New York

Awesome set! Nice job.

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Made in us
Seven Year War Afficianado


Very nice chess set. Capping the flat helmets with chess pieces is an inspired idea!

If I may make one suggestion. The unfinished box takes away from the overall effect. A stain and a varnsh, or just a coat or two of minwax polyshades would really make the whole thing just beautiful.

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Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

Binghamton, NY

Judging by the streaks and runs, Eilif, the box is finished, although I feel that it would be better served by a stripping and some traditional stain/varnish/wax.

Personally, I love the pieces as helmet crests route you've taken. It's a bit silly, but in a pleasant, characterful sort of way (supported by the use of those particular models, I'd say). Honestly, so many fantasy/sci-fi chess sets are very nice display pieces, but are nearly impossible to game with, for lack of immediate piece recognition.

If I ever make another order from Mantic, I'll be seriously tempted to toss in a box or two of dwarves for this very purpose. I'm sure I can find a cheap travel chess set with tiny pieces at a toy/dollar store, somewhere.

Generally, while I feel the execution is a tad lackluster, I absolutely love the overall feel and the idea behind it.

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