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Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

Terre Haute, IN

Command Squad – 65
- Vox Caster
- 2 Melta Guns

(Platoon 1 - 350)

PCS – 75
- Vox Caster
- 2 Plasma Guns
- Power Weapon
2 x Infantry Squads – 140
- (2) Plasma Guns
- (1) Vox Caster
- 1 Commissar
1x Heavy Weapons Squad – 105
- 3 Lascannons

(Platoon 2 – 335)

PCS w/ Vox Caster, 3 Flamers, Power Weapon (60)
2 x Infantry Squads – 140
- (2) Plasma Gun
- (1) Vox Caster
- 1 Commissar
1x Heavy Weapons Squad – 105
- 3 Lascannons

What improvements can be made?

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Fresh-Faced New User


Plasma on BS3 guys.... you will miss alot and some will burn and die. Get Veterans for BS4 for the special weapons. Use the regular boys as meatshield

Emperor Protects 
Made in us
Heroic Senior Officer

Murray, Kentucky

What are you thinking of doing with these blobs? Are they going to be staying put in a gunline, or charging towards the enemy?

The answer looks like the former, so I'm going to assume you're going gunline. I hope this doesn't sound condescending, because I'm just trying to help point out things that seem odd or don't add up. Always cool to see another foot IG player!

1. Having a PCS with a PW is kind of a waste. The odds of that guy living long enough to charge is low, and if he does, he'll probably die first turn of CC before he can swing. This is why you usually only see them taken in powerblobs, where all the Sgts and the Commissar take one. Instead of 5 guys with one PW, you get 31 guardsmen with 4 PW's, who will survive long enough to grind down almost anything. By doing this, you could probably give that PCS an autocannon instead of having it as a countercharge unit, so you can have some more long range firepower. The blob will also be able to fend for itself in CC now, so you won't have to have a dedicated unit to bail them out anymore. Just keep in mind that power blobs are not invincible, and there are situations where its better to shoot than to charge...

2. The CCS won't get too close to melta range on foot. Usually I put a lascannon and plasmas on them and have them camp near a blob so they can provide orders and fire support. The Plasmas you've got in the one PCS would do much better here, especially with the improved BS. I run plasma in my gunline blobs, and the jury is still out on them. On one hand, you've got a 50/50 chance to hit, but if you use "bring it down", you can have 2 plasma guns and 2 lascannons firing twin linked, which will seriously mess up anything in range. They also do a great job at making an enemy think twice before he tries to close the distance for assault.

3. This is more personal taste, but instead of HWT's, might want to try just putting the lascannons in your blobs. That way, you go from a 3 model unit with LD 7 that will get shot off the board in a single shooting phase, to a 20 to 30 man unit with LD 9 and stubborn. It lets them survive rediculous amounts of fire, and makes them much more likely to succeed with orders. If you put a LC in your CCS, and 2 apiece in your blobs, with autocannons in the PCS, you'd have a ton of long range firepower to pound the guy across the board into submission.

Other than that, seems like a solid start to me. Good luck man!

'I've played Guard for years, and the best piece of advice is to always utilize the Guard's best special rule: "we roll more dice than you" ' - stormleader

"Sector Imperialis: 25mm and 40mm Round Bases (40+20) 26€ (Including 32 skulls for basing) " GW design philosophy in a nutshell  
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what I'd do is drop the second platoon and put all the plasmas from the first in there, drop the heavy weapons team and add in chenkov with 50 conscripts w//SITNW - and you have a few pointts to play around with as you wish, if you ca get kell in your CCS so concripts don't keep failing their test for orders

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