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Help for a 5k Chaos Apoc army list against Blood Angels.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Sacrifice to the Dark Gods


Hey Guys, well it's pretty straigt forward...

I need some help, so our side does'nt get totally wiped...

Rules for the game is as following:

No Super Heavies...
No Named Characters...
No assets...
No Formations...

It's just a big 40k game...

Chaos troops available:

5 x Deamon Prince
2 x Terminator Lord
3 x Terminator Sorceror

25 x Chaos Terminators
20 x Possessed

60 x Marines
32 x Berzerkers

4 x Rhino's
4 x Landraiders (2 x OptionalTerminus Upgrade kits)
2 x Vindicators
3x Defilers
3 x Predators ( 2 x annihilator, 1 x destructor)

I'am facing Blood Angels... Any pointers? I don't have time to buy new, the game is next week.
So no can't fill up on Obliterators... Besides i'am waiting on all the all plastic havocs and Obliterators.

Hope you have some good ideas for a build with what i have :-)


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My list so far:

2 x Deamon Prince with wings and mark of either Tzeentch or Nurgle. 300p
2 x Terminator Lords with marks and wargear: 300p

2 squads of 3 Terminators: 2 x combi-flamers, 1 x heavy flamer. 210p
2 squads of 3 Terminators: 3 x combi-melta, 1 x chainfist. 240p

8 x Berzerkers with champ, icon, fist, in Landraider with possession: 653p
8 x Berzerkers with champ, icon, fist, in Landraider with possession: 653p

2 squads of 10 marines, icon, 2 x plasma guns: 390p
2 squads of 10 Marines, champ, sword, icon, 2 x flamers in Rhino's: 470p
2 squads of 10 Marines, champ, fist, icon, 2 x meltaguns in Rhino's: 510p

3 x Defilers with reapers and extra close combat weapon: 450p
1 x Predator with heavy bolters, possession: 120p
2 x Predators with lascannons and possession: 370p
2 x Vindicators with possession: 290

4956 points... Any pointers?

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Paintet: 3 Zoanthropes and a Carnifex...  
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Blood Angel Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries

Anything to take away feel no pain is good ap1, ap2, hight strenght to cause instant death, power weapons. kill his priests!

I'm not a blood angel i'm an angels vermillion

Made in dk
Sacrifice to the Dark Gods


Cool thanks mate,

Just learned that possession takes the BS down to 3 all of the time... Thought it was only when the vehicle had suffered a shaken or stunned result...

So i'll most likely be taken the possession of all them, except the vindicators.


Paintet: 3 Zoanthropes and a Carnifex...  
Made in gb


Vindicators are THE best tank to have Daemonic Possession on! -1 inch to the scatter makes barely any difference when in return you can ALWAYS fire and move until the tank dies or the big gun is destroyed.

Also Predators and possession is fairly bad. I do reccomend removing and adding in soem lash sorcerers.

Nerivant wrote:The Custodes are the reason Draigo is staying in the Warp.

ObliviousBlueCaboose wrote:I cant wait until i team up with a cron player an kill a land raider with a lasgun.

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Don't take possession on your Preds, maybe still a good idea on the Land Raider. Means unless you get immobilised or wrecked your still moving, extra armour could be ok though.

I'd use your Princes as Lash princes, its not cheesy or boring. Its the best way to run the Daemon princes, it benefits them and units around them...
Your flamer termies, might not be all that useful against Power armour. If you were playing Nids, Orks or IG i'd say great, but not sure you'll do enough damage with flamers against MEQ although you can still rack up a fair few wounds.
Like your Zerkers in Raiders. And lots of troops, using all the rhinos you have, good choice.
And nice amount of heavy support.

I like your list, you've got plenty of CSMs and Zerkers, a nice sprinkling of ranged fire power, and your doing to be deadly up close.
Wether you will win or not, is probably down to how many Razorbacks and Preds your opponent takes. If he can stop your 6 transports early on, it becomes a lot easier for him to pick you off at range, and isolate certain units.

Made in dk
Sacrifice to the Dark Gods


I'am thinking that the deamon princes will be the main target of his shooting early on... So the 4++ / T6 would help against the massive amount of shooting 5k can bring. I don't think they will survive turn 2.

My plan is to deep strike the termies when my troops with icons have landed on an objective. So they are gonna need to deal some damage in shooting before they most likely are getting charged coming his assault fase.

I like your thinking, would like to have more vindies and defilers with the nice big templates... I do hope he brings a lot of footslogging assault marines.

Thanks for your imput guys.


Paintet: 3 Zoanthropes and a Carnifex...  
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