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I've been looking at getting some Napoleonic Models and I am having trouble deciding which model range to buy from.
I'm looking at fielding a British Army

Victrix seems to have alot of variety in line infatry and they also have plastic cannons but no Plastic Cavarly.

Perry Miniatures on the other hand has Plastic Cavarly but lacks some variety for British troops and has no plastic cannons.

I would also like to know if adding models from both ranges looks alright and fit in well.

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Victrix British tend to be a tad bit worse than Perry since those were some of the first sets they made. They get better though moving on so are comparable quality wise (the Highlanders are a turning point). Both are fine miniature sets

So far there have been numerous comparisons, there seems little reason not to mix them

I completed these three pioneer combat stands for the 'When Things go Boom' scenario that I put on for the guys recently. Two are French and one is British with a mish-mash of figures from Foundry, Victrix, Perry and Sash and Saber.

I was looking forward to a plastic Highland firing line from the Perry twins as support for my Peninsular troops, but, alas, they have released metal ones.
This makes Perry plastic Highlanders unlikely to appear any time soom (or at all).
Therefore I 'Perryised' a Victrix plastic Highlander (my favourite Victrix set so far) to go with my Perry Brits.
What do you think?
Bonnet and body are Victrix, arms, head, and kit are Perry.

Victrix Highland Officer in between a Perry Miniatures plastic rifleman and a Wargames Foundry rifleman.

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They go well together, especially if you want an army that has an 'on campaign' appearance.

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Personaly I use both, mixed and matched as required. Once painted it's quite hard to tell the difference.

Perry is probably the better quality kit and is easier to put together. However,their kit will produce firing lines and nothing else where as Victrix is alot more variety. Choice the kit based on what poses you want.

Victrix Highlanders are possibly better quality than the Perry kits and are certainly very versetile. Its a shame they don't redo the older Line Infantry kits to bring them up to the same standard.

Perry Cav sits very well with Victrix infantry, not tried the artillery yet.


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Thanks for the replies.

I'm proberly going to buy Perry British infantry models as you guys said they are better looking then the Victrix counterparts,

I still might get the Victrix cannons as they are made of plastic rather then metal and are a newer kit then the Victrix infantry

I may also get the Victrix Highlander models because they are also newer kit then the normal infantry and aren't metal like the Perry ones.

Thanks for the advice guys much appreciated

Elysian Drop Troops 1500pts

Renegades & Heretics 2056pts

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I'm currently working on an all highlander army and the highland infantry are of pretty good quality. I just order the Britsh artillery set and plan on doing a kit bash of cannons and highlanders to get a highland artillery detachment so i'll let you know how that goes

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I use both, work well together.

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As others have stated, both work well. Particualry if you want an army that is a bit roughed up from capmgaing
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