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Fresh-Faced New User


Hi all,

Just a brief intro to my project:

After a recent chance conversation with a friend of a friend, I found that my interest in gaming was suddenly reignited after lying dormant for about 15 years. Thinking that I was pretty good at painting, I went up in the attic to find my old Necromunda collection. I found out that I was… well, not quite as good at painting as I thought I was.

Looking around on the web to further reminisce about my Necromunda days, I came across Dakka and spent hours upon hours trawling through all the amazing projects and I was totally inspired to have another stab at painting and modelling.

I had a fairly sizeable orlock gang as they were always my faves but I didn't want to strip them and repaint them (...yet) so I started on a few escher models I had.

The colour scheme I went for was inspired by a cover of 'gang war' magazine featuring a couple of escher juves. I've always thought that the underhive is a dark, desperate & filthy place and I wanted to reflect that by my gang having a murky/dirty/rag-tag/pasty-faced look.

I never was a fan of using a gang or squad straight out of the box, so I got hold of a few extra models I thought would fit in. Most of them are ebay purchases. I also wanted to try make all the hired guns female as well.

The leader is Baal from anima tactics, converted to wield a couple of chainswords. The non-standard heavy stubber is a model from the secrets of the third reich (I think that was what it was called…) with a head from a hasslefree mini (again, I think that was the foundry… it was a random ebay purchase). There's a native american, which is intended for use as a ratskin scout. I added a knife and lasgun to from the plastic goliath sprue but I'm not keen on this as it doesn't really look totally ratskin-y! Might be a good excuse to have a first ever attempt at using green stuff, but I think I've since found a better model. I'll post pics of shortly. The model with a hat and trenchcoat was also a hasslefree mini, I believe, and I'm using this as a bounty hunter until I find something that looks a bit more armed to the teeth. Finally, the leggy blonde is another anima tactics model. I'm thinking about repainting the stockings black so that she fits more into the theme as I'm not really digging this one yet.

The bases are cast plastic/resin - yet another ebay purchase! They were really cheap at about £3 for 10 inc p&p. I'll add some more detail - cables, barbed wire, etc. when I run out of models to paint.

So, this is the start I've made... I think my painting is better, despite the 15 year hiatus - but there's still vast room for improvement! Comments, critique and suggestions of other models that would fit in to this gang would be greatly received. I've got a few more ladies waiting to be painted but I'll post some WIP pics as I go, instead of just posting the final mini's.

All the best,

[Thumb - group 1.jpg]

[Thumb - 8up.jpg]

[Thumb - 2up 3.jpg]

[Thumb - 2up 1.jpg]

[Thumb - 2up 2.jpg]

Made in au
Dipping With Wood Stain

Yea I like the new ones also, I love the yellow guns, makes them look like industrial tools.
Good work with the gun swaps, they look like they fit well.

Also go ahead with the GS, I still havn't done any real sculpting but I thought I'd never use it and once you try it, you realise it has so many uses.

Made in gb
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Preston/England/United Kingdom

I like the colour scheme.

Your gang leader is a cool model.

Not so sure about the anima model in the gang but that could just be my aversion to the model

Looking forward to seeing your blog develop with the stripping and painting of the orlocks.
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