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Hello and welcome to the new Mantic Games forum. If you hadn't noticed we've recently reorganized our 'other games' forums to highlight some of the growing manufacturers out there.

This particular forum is brand new and any existing content here has been moved over from some of the older forums that have now been reorganized.

We've done our best to find and move all the Mantic games threads from the old forums here into their new home. However, it is likely that we've missed a few and they are still sitting in their old forums which have now been renamed.

So if you spot any threads in other forums that should be moved to their new home here, please click the 'notify moderator' button on any post in that thread (its the little yellow icon with the exclamation mark in it on the right hand side of every post) and in the comments field explain that they need to be moved into this forum.

Thanks so much for your help and we hope you enjoy the new forum structure!

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