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Nimble Mounted Yeoman

I was playing a game against WOC at 1500 points earlier this week with my brets. In turn one he had the misfortune to miscast with his first spell......then got a happy fun cascade, costing him the offending nurgle special mage and 20 of the unit he was bunkered in.

But ALAS! Our tale does not end there. In the very same turn, his hell cannon misfired, destroying itself, his marauder fast cav and about 10 warriors. I think he lost about 600 points before I even moved.

So, what instances have you, fine forum dweller, witnessed of army self destruction?

Rolls for the dice god!
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Fanatic with Madcap Mushrooms

Auburn CA

I had my damsel kill an entire lance of knights....

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Warplord Titan Princeps of Tzeentch

Goblin shaman miscast, blew up 25% of his unit, failed LOS on my BSB, failed Ld test, and ran the unit off the table.

General's unit then failed their LD test and ran off the table.

At that point I decided to concede the game.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Be happy, that Hellcannon Miscast could very well have cost YOU your mages as well.

My job here is done. 
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Bane Thrall

The deck of the Widower

I was playing my new Vampires last weekend and was winning huge. My opponent had failed several key terror and break tests which cost him a full unit of 11 empire knights with battle priest and a unit of demigryphs with 1 wound one them. all he had left was the remainder of a halberd horde with a witch hunter and a battle priest. I charged with a fully powered black coach, a coven throne (minus the vamp on top), and my block of untouched skeletons with fully healed master necro, with ghouls set up for a charge on the following turn as well as a full unit of dire wolves that had run the 2 blocks of knights off the board prior. in the magic phase the sorcerous portal finished off my throne that i had planned to heal and then i miscast my invocation. after healing some models i then proceeded to kill 12 of his halberds, 12 of my skeletons, and my necro was sucked into the warp. at the end of the phase my ghouls went to 4 left, my direwolves went away, and more skeletons vanished. I was then tabled due to combat res and the next turn's crumble. All this after telling my opponent not to concede as i didn't think he was as bad off as he did and me rolling 2 dice at my healing spell.

I have a bunch of armies, who knows the points these days? 
Made in au
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Wollongong, Australia

My Spellweaver killed 19 of my Gladeguard.

Made in gb
Cunning Dark Elf Sorceress


A battle between Dark Elves using the Civil War rules. Gets the assassin rule so we each get a free assassin and if that assassin kills the enemy general then that player automatically wins. Both of our generals are Supreme Sorceresses.

Turn one: my opponent fires off a boosted Pit of Shades with irresistible force which scatters and hits nothing. His Sorceress is then sucked into the realm of Chaos, taking half of her Repeater Crossbow bunker with her. It was his only sorceress so his magic phase was nullified for the rest of the game which for Dark Elves can be akin to self destruction.

Turn three: My Sorceress casts Pit of Shades with irresistible force which scatters and hits nothing. She is then sucked into the realm of Chaos.

Moral of the story: Do not cast Pit of Shades.

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The Laws of Thermodynamics:
1) You cannot win. 2) You cannot break even. 3) You cannot stop playing the game

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Longtime Dakkanaut

1000 point game of WoC vs. Skaven (me). On his first turn (and the first turn of the game) the MoT caster decides to Infernal Gateway my skaven general's bunker. One miscast later, he and about 6 or 7 warriors are sucked into the realms of Chaos. I lost 4 clan rats.
Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

North Jersey

My brets against my friend's empire; his steam tank misfires every single turn, killing itself while I only did 1 wound to it.


1500 pts
3000 pts
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Norwalk, Connecticut

My hellcannon went nuts and reduced my sorcerers to regular guys and injured my partner's mage. The other guys had already lost their casters, so no harm to them. My hellcannon already claimed many rats though, so it was almost worth it.

Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

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Tzeentch Veteran Marine with Psychic Potential

Victoria, B.C. Canada

I have managed to send my Vampire Lord general to the realm of chaos on turn 2 with a two dice miscast killing 20 skeletons, then my Necromancer miscast wind of death on four dice then have Wind of Death misfire killing almost the entirety of his unit and my general's unit since the template touched both, then the miscast sending my Necromancer to the realm of chaos and killing almost the entirety of the remaining unit, with crumbling due to a slain general killing the remainder.

Yet another reason not to cast wind of death.

Change and change until Change is our master, for nothing neither God nor mortal can hold that which has no form. Change is the constant that cannot be changed.

No game of chess can be won without pawns, and this may prove to be a very long game.

Made in us
Confessor Of Sins


My standby level 2 Sorceress for my Dark Elves is infamous in my FLGS for her inability to handle magic. We all believe she is busy flirting with her crossbowmen or doing her nails.

Well over half the games end with her dead by her own miscasts, or left as a jabbering, wall-licking level 0 dingbat who has to pin her mittens to her coat to keep form losing them.

But she has changed tune recently. Having grown tired of blowing herself up with magic, she's started just refusing to cast magic or summon power at all. Case in point, my last game (3k points, Dark Elves vs. Dark Elves) in 6 turns, she killed ONE Shade, and in 3 of the 6 turns, she rolled a 3 for Winds of Magic.

 Ouze wrote:

Afterward, Curran killed a guy in the parking lot with a trident.
Made in ie
Confident Halberdier

Lizard men v empire. My opponents slaan kills my Mage with the first spell but miscasts with the second. Because he killed my Mage he couldn't pass it off to me. His slaan along with all of his temple gaurd are sucked into the warp
Made in us
The Conquerer

Waiting for my shill money from Spiral Arm Studios

First turn, game 3, of the Bay Area Open.

I roll up a mighty 12 dice for my magic phase. So I decide to start off by Bonecrunchering some Cold One Knights(mostly for the +1 to cast the next spell)

I roll 2 dice at it. I get IF/Miscast.

My SM gets sucked into the warp(but no wounds are caused to my unit)

and I only killed 1 Cold One Knight to boot

The entire game kinda went screwey from that point onwards, for both me and my opponent. I ended up winning the game so it was ok, but man there were some funky dice rolls.

My Ironguts killed a PoK dreadlord on Peg, Mournfangs got flank charged by Corsairs and run down(no Mindrazor or armor piercing on them) and his guys couldn't pass a Fear test to save their lives.

Just very very screwy, and entertaining.

Self-proclaimed evil Cat-person. Dues Ex Felines

Cato Sicarius, after force feeding Captain Ventris a copy of the Codex Astartes for having the audacity to play Deathwatch, chokes to death on his own D-baggery after finding Calgar assembling his new Eldar army.

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