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Ran a demo of Kings of War and Warpath (mainly warpath) on the 22nd, and thought you might like to see some of the pics from the event.

Here's the setup for the Kings of War table (We were using folding tables, so it was a bit shorter than normal and I set up the armies so it wouldn't be 1-turn-then-melee). The Elves and undead were ones I got in my Mantic crazy x-mas bag (One of the best deals on models I've ever had!):

Closeup of the Elf starting area. The elves had a Troop of Scouts, a Regiment of Bowmen, a Regiment of Spearmen, and two bolt throwers. I didn't have enough models to do full blocks of units, so each unit base is the appropriate size but has 1/2 the official # of models.

The undead, defending their "town." They had two regiments of Skeletons (with undead dogs/rats), two regiments of Revenants, a troop of Ghouls and a half-regiment of Zombies. I derped and accidentally made the zombie base only the size of a 5x2 regiment instead of the 5x3, but it turned out to be a bit of a moot point since no-one played any KoW!

Now for Warpath. I played a full game with someone, and two shorter games with players waiting for their Pathfinder Society to start. Here's the overall board setup:

One side played the Corporation, using Warzone minis from the 80-man bag (I had 3 sitting around to form an eventual footslogger IG army). The army was three Sections of Veterans, each with heavy laser rifles (Piercing (1)) and a tactical flamer. They were led by a Commander:

Other side was the Aun'tai (Tau) fan army, using the rules from golembane on Warseer (I was using my modified version of the rules to help them feel a bit more Tau-appropriate, and to balance some points costs). They had 2 Sections of Locust (Fire) warriors with drones (Ignore 1 dam/turn), 2 teams of Mantis warriors (Pathfinders), and a Spirit Guide (Ethereal, now with psychic powers!):

(The second pathfinder team is just out of sight to the top of the screenshot)

Overall, the games of Warpath played similarly, probably due to the map. 2 of my three opponents moved through the narrows on the lefthand side of the board to prevent me from getting clean LOS with my locust warriors.

The first game, the full one, was very close, falling down to a shootoff between a locust warrior and veteran section that the Aun'tai barely won. This is the only pic I have of an in-combat scenario, due to both my forgetfullness as well as the game speed:

In the second game, I managed to get some ridiculously lucky rolls against his veterans while rolling snake-eyes against two sections and a flamer being poured into the unit, leading the Aun'tai to victory over a decent margin by the time the game was called.

In the last game, my opponent unfortunately tried to out-range the Aun'Tai down the long corridor to the right, and while lasting a decent amount of time in part thanks to the cover from the statue, they couldn't quite match the Aun'tai (And it didn't help that they stayed far enough back that the flamers were out of range). Here's a pic of the statue:

Overall, it went well, but I do need to change the values for the Attacks for basically all of the Aun'tai units, since the average number of attacks but 3+ Hit made several opponents wary of engaging them in melee (Which shouldn't be the case for the Tau). Plus the Spirit Guide Zap(10) should probably be toned down to ~ Zap (7) or so, just to make sure it doesn't make him an overpowered artillery unit. It doesn't help too that we kept forgetting the Veteran's Elite reroll and the Inspiring Ne boost from the commander (Although I rolled really well on my nerve vs them, so it wouldn't have been as big of a difference).

Overall, lots of people expressed interest in both games, and I think the store owner will be up for me doing another demo here in the following weeks!

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