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I keep hearing that most of the items that got increased last year will not be price increased this year, but many of the most popular items like Space Marine vehicles are going up in price again and once again it's mostly not just a buck or two. Example, a Predator tank went from about $40 to $45 last year, now they'll be $57.75. Ouch.


Skinny on the GW June Price Adjustment
Posted by Man Boy Genius Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well I just got all the details on the new Price Adjustment from Games Workshop and well I'm still on the fence.

Most items that saw an increase last year, did not receive one this again. For the increase apparently it's only 4% when averaged across the board.

However some items spiked sharply; like the Stormraven to $82 Landraiders to $75. Even transports saw a bump to $37.25 and everyone's favorite demi-transport the Razorback is up to $41.25.

I'm not sure if this is good, but with the fliers coming our next weekend, they just may be what we all needed to stay on target so to speak for the release of 6th edition!

Don't forget: There's still a few weeks left to stock up at the old prices, and get 20% off to boot! Here at Spikey Bits we stock the entire line of Games Workshop, and even carry Finecast!

Ordering is easy, give us a call (804- 464 1873), OR click here to get a copy of our mail order catalog, fill it out and email it back with your order!

And if this article from last years adjustment is any indicator, buying now may just save you 40% or more.
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I'd expect the new 40K hardback rule book in July to follow the model of WFB and be a $74+ tome of great mass.
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So what do I use the Gargoyles of Barda and the Birdmen of Catrazza as?
Paper weights.

But seriously folks, even "obsolete" units usually can be used as a cool "counts as" other infantry types. If they still look good and already have a nice paint job I'd find an in-game use for them. Swordsmen, spear men, bowmen, flying units, etc., I'm pretty certain those are still usable in Warhammer.

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Ancient Chaos Terminator

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"I used to like Games Workshop till I took a price hike to the knee"
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