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Milton, WI

Hello, I've been playing KoW for a bit now. I usually use a Tomb Kings-esque Undead build with Chariots counting as Cav units, and Werewolves (Ushabti), and Carrion (Wraiths).

Since my friend stumbled upon the fact that 10 Knights are only 200pts for Kingdoms of Men, that is all I have seen since.
And I have had a ridiculous amount of trouble versus them.
Even with necromancers giving me some speed, I can't seem to hit hard enough to get rid of a unit before another flank charges me.

Is this a bad matchup for me? Or am I missing something that would help.

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Pullman, WA

Archers. The knights have a def of 5+, but you can get 5 skeleton archer troops with 50 shots total or a troop and a horde (for added survivability) with 30 shots. 50 shots at over half range nets you 2.7 damage per turn against a unit of knights, so assuming 2 turns of shooting you have about a 41% chance of wavering them before they probably hit you on turn 3.

Not great, but don't forget you could also screen with weaker units in close combat (and when they die the knights are open for shooting). Plus you want to try and flank hit them whenever possible. You can charge through your own units, so you could shield some werewolves and the chariots with cheap skeleton troops and then zip through and hit them when they've been stopped by stomping the speedbump.

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Tail Gunner

Kelso Washington USA

Basicly, they count as a troop choice, but hit as hard as you can want and are as fast as any cavalry unit.
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Regular Dakkanaut

UK, Derbyshire.

Ive not played yet but i think horde all your inf units and deploy so that you can only be flanked at the extreme ends of your line.

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