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Oceanside CA

I was wondering if anyone had come across any rules for titan-scale models for Warpath. The rules seem like they would lend themselves well to apocalypse style games, but I don't really have enough experience using them to craft my own house rules reliably...

The fluff is there to support the game and the hobby, not the other way around! 
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You mean big vehicles like Apocalypse? and as far as I know Warpath is still in progress.

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Slimsworkshop wrote:I was wondering if anyone had come across any rules for titan-scale models for Warpath.

I've not seen any. I'm sure someone will come up with some eventually, but for now you're on your own. Perhaps taking a look at how 40k vehicles and titans compare and then scaling up Warpath stats accordingly.

I do agree that Warpath would be an excellent set of rules for Apocalypse size events as you can conclude a battle in half the time or less when compared to 40k.

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