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Made in us
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Topeka, KS


Overlord w/ Orb and Scythe (thought about the 2+ save)
Overlord w/ Orb and Scythe (thought about the 2+ save)

10 Immortals (not sure which weapons)

15 warriors
1 ghost ark

15 warriors
1 ghost ark

Triarch Stalker (heat ray?)

2 Annihilation Barges

Aegis Defense line.

This is just shy of 1500 points.

Gun line, raise the dead style army. I am interested to see what you guys think. I am new to cron's and these are all the models I have currently. For 1500 points, do you think it would do ok or should I look at investing into some different units? I bought two battleforces, and two command/a-barges. I also have a unit of 5 praetorians with shields and swords.

Any who a little c&c to help a new Cron user would be appreciated.


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