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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Here is a great battle recounted:

Robin and I played an "open" game where we spoke our battle plans out loud and helped with allocation of focus and stuff.  We fooled around with throwing Jacks and had a blast.
Robin had me on the defensive the whole match, never a good thing for Khador.  His moving up casting Retribution in the right spots and Lamination (sp) frustrating my attempts to smack his jacks down.  He then smashes my destrtoyer into Vlad doing no damage but knocking them both down.  He then moves in and puts the smack down on my destroyer.  He then picks up and throws my destroyer!  Its like a dog with a stuffed chew toy to my jacks.  Hurls him wham into my juggernaught!  Its a deft move, both jacks are knocked down, some damage, and he moves in with his warcaster and pops his Menoth feat, Bam!  All  jacks are down and he's in on the kill on Vlad.  He puts the beat down on Vlad, but not by enough. 
I then come up with a devilish plan and execute it with the help.  Ok.  Vlad is engaged with two jacks in front of him.  To his right is my juggernaught who is knocked down but when he stands up is in range of the enemy jacks in front of Vlad (who are standing in a line in front of Vlad).  I say to myself, hey, if I could get rid of the Menoth jack in front, Vlad has a straight shot at the Menoth warcaster.  A straight bee-line for the charge, can Vlad kill him in one stroke?  Due to the damn lamination, I chose to just allocate two focus to the juggernaught leaving five focus for Vlad.  Time to do some throwing myself.  The juggernaught boosts to hit, makes his strength check, and throws the Menoth jack in the way six inches clearing the path for Vlad!
Vlad is engaged with two models.  Not to worry!  With his special ability as he leaves combat, he parries the Menoth jacks feeble attempt to hit him and races toward his prize, the enemy warcaster.  Using all of his focus for extra attacks and boosting, he takes out the warcaster in his very last unboosted attack.  Victory for the Motherland!
It was such a fun game to play, and all at 350 pts.  It did not seem like we needed more points at all.  Thanks Robin for a great game.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

WOW what a great game. That sounds amazing. The throwing of the jacks is a lot of fun.  One of the things I love is that warmachine is a slightly different way of gaming than 40K and others.  Order, combos, and cause and effect I think play a bigger role.  Not just saturation of fire power.

Lamentation is a bad ass spell.   Could have gone either way.  Sounds like a closes game.  Wish I could have been there.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User


Sounds like you had/are having fun w/ warmachine. Great! Someday I'll get back to the game...you could always just buy me a 500 point army for christmas...had khador and mercs, so cygnar or cryx might be cool.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Even Better, Pick up the box set yourself at 39.99 how could you go wrong.  That battle described was at 350.00 One box set.


Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

you could always just buy me a 500 point army for christmas

Hey, Oz never gave noth'n to the Tinman.

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