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Made in us
World-Weary Pathfinder

Orange County, CA

So I recently purchased an airbrush and have been working on painting an Eldar Mymeara Craftworld army. These are my first three vehicles. The initial response has been good with the only criticism that I went a little too heavy on the wash in the recesses. I'm now wondering what I should do to finish up the models.

-What colors should I paint the guns? White? Bone? Black?
-What colors should I paint the gems?
-What should I do for the cockpit canopies?
-Do you like the somewhat dramatic white to blue fade, or should it be more subtle? I can always go over the white with Sotek blue to give it more of a blue fade look.

Any other comments / criticisms / words of encouragement are appreciated!

Made in us
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

Across the Great Divide

I like this alot. You have down very good job. Now to your questions (note these are my opinions take them as such)
1) I would paint the guns black or a dark grey because your main scheme is bright and I think it would be a nice contrast
2) I think a red/orange gemming would go well with your main color.
3) Honestly I am not sure as I have never done a similar item.
4) I really like the stark switch from white to blue. I believe that you have done a great job with it.

Well thats all I got, again well done hope to see more pics soon


Forest hunter sept ~3500
guardians of the covenant 4th company ~ 6000
Warrior based hive fleet

Made in ca
Swift Swooping Hawk

I like it alot. I am looking to make similar paint schemes with my Eldar but have not started the vehicules yet.

I would go white for the guns but that's personal.

Red gems would make a good contrast.

Deep purple canopie with white highlights for the cockpit's frame.

Fade is great the way it is.

Good luck with the rest, looking forward to see the rest

Made in at
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes

The Royal Tunbridge Wells

I agree with the first reply, black guns would look great

a nice bright orange for the gems would contrast really well with the blue/green body

personally i would have left the canopies clear, but i can see that isn't an option so i would go with an orange to red fade, to tie in with the gems

i think the white to blue fade is a little quick, but it still looks great, overall it's a really slick paintjob and you should be really proud of what you have achieved so far. it just needs a little more work to push it into the realms of greatness

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