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Made in us
Knight of the Inner Circle

Have a tournament coming up, made two lists. What do you guys think?

Dark Angels:


DW ~ 3x hammer, 2x claws, cyclone
DW~ Cyclone, sarge with hammer
DW~ Chainfist, cyclone
DW~ Chainfist, cyclone
Tac squad~ flamer, missile launcher, DP
Tac squad~ plasma gun, MM, DP

Devastator squad~ 3x plasma cannon , Lascannon

Imperial Guard:

CCS~ Creed, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet, 4x snipers, chimera

Vet squad ~ demolitions, 2x melta, grenade launcher, autocannon, chimera
Vet Squad ~ demolitions, 3x plasma, autocannon, chimera


LRBT Squadron ~ 2x Demolishers w/ LC

6000 points
4000 points
Empire 5500 Points

Made in us
Calm Celestian

If those are the choices, play the Deathwing; a Guard army with only two troop squads is doomed from the start.

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The 10K Waagh!

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The Tallarn 2nd (Hand): "Towel Heads" to you! 
Made in us
Battleship Captain


Demolitions on mechvets? Wait...what?

Two scoring units? Wait...what?

Guard should be a better choice between the two, but not in this case.

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Made in us
Knight of the Inner Circle

The concern with running large amounts of veterans is the amount of special/heavy weapons I have available. I originally built my guard as gunline so lots of heavy weapons and few special weapons. I made this for mobility and firepower...turn 1 and 2 will be devastating for my opponent. After that it is just a matter of getting the secondary objectives/clearing enemy objectives and holding my own.

6000 points
4000 points
Empire 5500 Points

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