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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

United kingdom (derby)

So my brothers started to collect vostroyans but hes been struggling with painting them so i said i would paint one for him and do him a little guid of what paints to use i realy enjoyed painting is so i thort id share it with you guys.
This is my 1st guid so ill be greatfull for any comments

Base colours
over coat - scab red
all leather, hat, wood and straps - scorched brown
skin, skulls and scrolls - bheneb stone
scroll wax and knife handle - fire dragon blight

1st wash
the entire model was washed with devlan mud except for the skin this was washed using ogryn flesh
(i gave it a few more coats after the picture was taken to give it a better tone)


over coat- mephiston red
gloves and boots - snakebite leather
hat - drybrush snake bite leather
gold detail - burnished gold

2nd wash
wash all the highlights and the metal using gryphonne sepia

I know most of the metal on the vostroyan is mean to be gold but i thort if he did his normal soldiers using a mix of gold and silver he could do his more important models such as his sergeants and comanders using all gold to distinguish between the ranks.

I also did him a cadian using the same colours and techniques i didnt highlight the cloth on this tho because i wanted it to look slightly darker giving the red a lighter appearance.

Sorry about the picture quality i only have an iphone.

[Thumb - IMG_0845.JPG]
base colours

[Thumb - IMG_0850.JPG]
1st wash

[Thumb - IMG_0857.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0861.JPG]
2nd wash

[Thumb - IMG_0863.JPG]

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