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Regular Dakkanaut

The Privateer Press folks just ain't used to rules clarifications like we are.  Note how the idea of needing rules to back up something is pretty alien to them.  Their naivete and lack of despoiling by GW is so beautiful to me.  I weep for my lost innocence.
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Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Minneapolis, MN

Me, being the cynical 40K player that I am, I immediately started asking myself on reading those posts "Who's this guy calling it an official rules clarification?  Does he work for the company?  I don't see anything indicating it.  How does he have the authority to declare anything an official rules clarification?"

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Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

I think the fact that he has mod rights and can make sticky posts in the corporate forums might be a hint to how official he is.

Made in us

Well, any PPS person or anyone with the group "Infernal Myrmidon" is considered official. The Myrmidons were appointed by PPS_Kevin, the "rules guy", to assist him with the rules questions that arise on the forums.

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