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Evening all.

We have been super busy lately with finishing the Kickstarter (now complete) and moving to our new studio, which is mostly complete!

Apologies for the rather sporadic updates and releases in the past year or so. We hope to do better in future.

Exo-Lord revamp -

First wave hopefully end of September, with a second wave before Christmas possibly. We will put out more information nearer the time.

They will indeed be exclusively in the 40mm ish scale, comparable in size with newer and bigger offerings from elsewhere. We may look at offering some parts in a smaller scale closer to our old models, but its not certain.

Heads, pads, backpacks, guns etc will be compatible with both old and new scales still.

Afterlife reissue-

aiming to get all the existing products back in stock before the end of the year, with updated and new miniatures available in 2020 along with an updated ruleset.

Daughters retail launch -

It might be just before Christmas 2019, but Q1 2020 is more likely.

Renegades wave 2 -

Due before Christmas, but I cant be more specific at the moment unfortunately.

Thanks all.

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Chaplain with Hate to Spare

Any chances of seeing some preview pictures of the Exo-Lord update here?

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 Anvils Hammer wrote:

Daughters retail launch -

It might be just before Christmas 2019, but Q1 2020 is more likely.

On that subject, glued together fingers aside (my clumsiness), can I say how much I've enjoyed receiving the Daughters Kickstarter products. The Arch Angel in particular is a fantastic model. I may have to pick up a Death at retail.

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Rookie Pilot


Do I remember rightly that you intend to release medieval regiment arms?

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Death-Dealing Devastator

swimming with Sharks

Found this on Anvil's Instagram acount:

Top notch!!

Now is there the possibility to get some heads with boonie hats? Or can I wishlist: Baseball cap and beard?

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Thermo-Optical Tuareg


Well, I'm pretty sure he does already make both head types for Regiments. I doubt there's too significant of a difference in size.

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Death-Dealing Devastator

swimming with Sharks

I know that he does already make them for the regiments range.

With the Black Ops he made the heads bigger and bulkier than the regiments ones.

And these rendered miniatures are going to be Primaris size going by the sniper.
So, yes I hope he is going to do them.
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Germany, Frankfurt area

Anvil Industries Winter greatcoat Regiment quickly panted with GW Contrast and Company Commanders kitbashes

Realy great models with superb detail, very little cleanup and no Castingshow flaws.

Edit: you have to click in the picture. Much better quality directly in the gallery

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Actually, some time ago you made a poll, have you ever discussed the results of that?


A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

Who would win:
10'000 + years of veterancy, or some raidy Boys?
(Not Online in regards to the new Red Corsair battalion CP boost.) 
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Hello everyone,

@Crimson - I'll try and get better at updating this page! I've become lazy because others are so good at doing it for me. We've not actually shared a lot of previews yet.

@alphaecho - Thanks very much! Glad you are enjoying them

@Ragsta - It's not hugely likely that we will release medieval regiments arms - the fatigue and robed arms we already do are both pretty good options, as are the renegade arms for a certain style of medieval warrior, so I am not sure how we would make them different enough to be worthwhile..

@Miniholic and Barzam - New stuff is bigger, new heads are bigger, but its quite easy to rescale regiments heads to be a little bigger, so its likely a fair few design styles will make their way across. No firm plans yet.

@Ragnar69 - Thanks for sharing! They look great

@Not Online!!! - We did, and I intended to do and will do in future when we get a chance (See below).


More general update on Company happenings -

We have now moved across into our new studio. Lots of sorting and organising to do still but things are fully operational and orders are going out the door in good time.

We have a few more weeks more organising and resting to do, so I anticipate starting to gear things up a bit in September. As we have had almost 2 years of being very Kickstarter focused, we are looking forward to spending some time on our existing ranges and re-releasing some old favorites including the exo-lord range.

Happy to answer any more specific questions anyone may have



Creative Director at Anvil Industry. Posting on Dakka in a personal capacity, except in the official Anvil Industry N&R thread.
Anvil Industry Webstore
Anvil Industry Facebook Page with regular updates/news.

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Thanks for the info, Anvil! Makes sense re. arms, I think maybe I dreamt the medieval thing and it confused me

Yes, please share more previews! And I think it’s good that you’re taking a break from the kickstarters to be quite honest.

The medieval helmets are a cool option - are there any thoughts to release some without the face mask so we can see some humanity in there?

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