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I am a new player and there is a league at the end of January that is 25 points and I have the Circle half of the box set. I am going to be running Kaya cause well I think she is kind of cool. I was just wondering does any one have any advice for what else i should put in my list? I was also thinking about taking out the argus and the winter argus for some griffons and maybe getting a satyr but i don't know what would be good. Any thoughts or help would be great. Thanks Dakka in advance.

Basic List

Feral Warp Wolf
Skinwalkers (5 man)

and what is left over I have no clue
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My friend plays the following 25 point list against my Trolls and he started with the two player box. (It seems to work but take it with a pinch of salt because neither of us is very experienced).

Feral Warpwolf
Winter Argus
Max Skinwalkers
Shifting stones with UA

The bonus is if you don't own the extra, they won't cost much to pick up.

I spoke to my friend last night to ask him what he's learnt from his 25 point battles with the above. This is the what I believe he said (he might be a lot better than me, no wonder I always lose).

Argus - Kaya's pack hunter (?) makes him a little tougher but he's the first option to drop. Remember that his bark can stop a unit charging with a bit of luck which can aid caster survivability. The plan is to drop the Argus for a Gorax to boost the Warpwolf but remeber the Gorax doesn't have pathfinder and the damn Argus would be one to give it to him!! Plan 2 might be to drop the Argus and stones UA for Tharn Ravager White mane and a druid wilder but with only two beasts the argument is whether or not there's any need for a fury manager.
Winter Argus - Pack hunter again. Use this guy as a defense for caster using the animus.
These two should be used together along with Pack Hunter because there is nothing that two boosted Argi (sp?) can't take down.

Warpwolf - Target your opponent's best heavy and kill him.

Stones - Getting your Warpwolf out of danger. Having advance deploy and healing field can help out with ranged damage taken on war beasts early on. The UA makes the "triangle" bigger to aid with teleportation and stealth keeps the stones alive. The UA also has a magic weapon.

Blackclad - Either an offensive hitter or a support piece. Use how you prefer but use the spray instead of the melee weapon.

Skinwalkers - Get these bad boys into melee but there's no need to give them stealth via Kaya as they're tough enough.

Hope any of that helps but it makes me think I need help with my Trolls

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