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CHAOS! (1st installment - nurgle bikers, dire hound style)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Kabalite Conscript


so i have been working on my chaos army for months now. it was just khorne themed. but now i think i want to expand a bit furthur into the realms of chaos by adding some variety. i will open the thread with my current project - nurgle bikers using dire hounds as bikes and green stuff for nurglefication.
[Thumb - Image01042013121026.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121059.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121114.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121218.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121236.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121331.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121350.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01042013121403.jpg]

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Made in us
Kabalite Conscript


finally finished doing the green stuff! i think it turned out pretty good. i'm not too experienced with green stuff (obviously) so any constructive feedback is welcome
the idea was to make it look as though the hounds are mutated to have their guns growing out of them and the marines are also mutated nurgle style.

next step: priming and base-coating. i'm thinking of doing "the purge" color scheme on the marines and greenish yellowish brown for the hounds.
[Thumb - Image01062013205657.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013205741.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013205819.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013205833.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013205844.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013205914.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013205946.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013210010.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013210033.jpg]

[Thumb - Image01062013210045.jpg]

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