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Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut


hello people, today:
The Quest starts

I've begun an quest full of dangers and doom.
The goal of this quest is a holy and divine one, to finish what is called:
"A Converted Imperial Guard Army"
Wish me luck, for this path is full of hidden traps, deathly deceivements, terrible monsters and evil sorcerers.
And orks ofcourse.

Okay, that should be a good beginning of this tread. Now on to the serious part.
The plan is to build an army (not sure yet how big) of converted imperial guard.
The aim is to leave no model unconverted.

And thats why I started this tread, I might need to keep myself motivated and this is a nice way to do that.
So, I can hear you think: "what theme is your army gonna be" (probably you're not thinking that, cause most of you might have read the title, but who cares )
Well, the theme will be something like:
Medieval, bretonnian.
The regiment will be named: The Brettonian 34st "Fire Dragoons" (not the genswick rifles, although they are part of my inspiration)
They come from the planet Brettonia near to the charadon sector.
The rest of the fluff and information concerning the (all-converted) allies coming tomorrow or maybe the day after.
I have some idears of what kind of units I want:
-Infantry platoons (at least one)
-Rough riders
-Leman russes (what I can't crush with words I will crush with the tanks of the imperial guard)
-Scouts (count as ratlings, I want to build them using wood elf glade guards)
-Rogue Traders (count as penal legion)

I almost got some fluff ready, but thats for tomorrow.
Today, we got pics. (all WIP of course)

To start, some normal guardsmen, converted using parts from the man ar arms box.

Some of them got extra mags on their backs for grenade launchers, they will be the normal guys of the special weapon teams.

Here are the sarge, the flamer and the vox caster from the first guardsmen squad.

Grenade launchers, for a special weapon team.

Yup, the fat guy got a barrel of beer

Tomorrow more pics and fluff.
Comments are always appreciated.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
2 more pics already: Rogue traders.
I wanted some rogue traders cause that would give me the oppertunity to make some totally different minis.

The one on the left is WIP, he will be a cowboy-like guy but just needs a hat. |He might also need some more greenstuffing on his back.
The guy on the right is some kind of deserted adeptus arbitus. He was probably deserted cause he's got some weird affection to killing people. He's got a skullmask and some kind of custom energy gun. I'm not really fond of him yet, but that may still come during painting.

Comments apreciated.

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Made in us
Nurgle Veteran Marine with the Flu

Las Vegas

I love the conversions here! The two different model sets really blend well! I love the arbites guy and the cowboy. Maybe the Arbites guy was given a choice between being arrested for after one homicide too many, or to join the guard. Either way. I hope to see a lot from this blog.

If I had a dollar for every dollar I spent I'd have all my money back.
Made in us
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

I can't wait to see what you do with Rough Riders. Something really bright and loud, perhaps even going as far as coming up with mechancial horses for them to ride would be amazing.

Inquisitor Jex wrote:
Yeah, telling people how this and that is 'garbage' and they should just throw their minis into the trash as they're not as efficient as XYZ.

 Peregrine wrote:
So the solution is to lie and pretend that certain options are effective so people will feel better?
Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut


@ Brotheralexos: yes they do, only a little bit of greenstuffing at the ars and head and thats it. The ex-arbites is actually not in the guard, I've been thinking about what kind of background the rogue traders will get, and I decided that they are stuck on this planet after their spaceship has been destroyed. They hang around the guard to increase their survivability.

@ Coyote: I think I'm going to use the knights errant as a base, with cadian tosro's and left arms, and men at arms heads. I will maybe try to scupt some gasmasks for them.

I've been working on some fluff this weekend, so here it is:


Bretton is an agri-world with a small forge moon circling it. It exists of large plains, numerous forests and small lakes. Across the landscape are small farms and settlements. These lower plains are called the “Chairas”. Towering above the Chairas, are the so called “Audesseu”, steep sloped mountains with huge flat tops. These mountains are spread evenly over the planet. The history of the Audesseu’ is unknown, although it is said that they were the city’s of the planets earlier inhabitants. On those flat tops are large city’s where the planets higher classes live, the “Kings”. Every firstborn son of a King gets send to the “Gryphon Academy” in the planets capitol city Cabessia. There he shall be taught about all aspects of war, from knife fighting to leading armies on system wide scale. If an individual is not good enough and gets fired from the Academy he will continue his live as a “Echec”, an outcast.
At the age of fifteen the best students the Academy has to offer will be selected to join the ranks of the “Gryphon Kings”. The Gryphon Kings are a space marine chapter famous across the Charadon sector for their fierceness and pride. They do not follow the Codex Astartes, and field ten battle company’s and one “Knight company”, wich acts as first veteran company. The Gryphon Kings do not field terminator armor. Those not selected will become commander of one of the many imperial guard regiments that are recruited from the Chairas. Every settlement has to pay a tax to the “Guild of Kings” which is the government of Bretton. This tax can be paid with money, materials, food or recruits. Because Bretton is a large planet and there are about 2 to 3 setlements in every 5 square kilometres, there are many new recruits for the imperial guard. This is also needed for the Bretton system lies close to the Charadon empire, and many nearby planets are constantly under the tread of the Orks. Because the furiosity of the Ork attacks, there are always new regiments being raised. Estimates are that Bretton has send over a hundred times its entire population to the Charadon frontier. This is certainly a huge amount, even in the long time since the planets colonisation.
The Imperial Guard regiments raised on Bretton are called the Brettonian Guard , and are known across the Charadon sector for their pride and resolute leaders.
Central in the life of the Brettonians is the Emperor, and the knowledge that “The Emperor Protects”.
Even the smallest settlement on Bretton has an so called “Shield Chappel” where there can be prayed to the Emperor and for His protection. This is why many of the Brettonian Guard have small shield amulets and signs, so that they can pray for the emperor’s protection in the middle of an campaign. It is also seen that vehicle crews decorate their tanks with large shields, and most banners have the shape of an shield on it.
The forge-moon cirkling Bretton is very small and has not enough production capacity to get all the Brettonian Guard regiments the proper equipment, so most Guardsmen have brought some equipment of their own, wich is why there is no standard uniform in the Brettonian Guard.
On Bretton, there is one Audesseu that stands taller and steeper as all others, called “Casa de Gryphos” wich means Home of Gryphons. On top of this mountain stands the fortress monastry of the Gryphon Kings. The Hall of Gryphons.
This is where the chapter settled after its founding and met the Gryphons. The Gryphons are giant half-eagle, half –lion creatures. Largest, pridest, fiercest and most majestic of all Gryphons are the Concorde Gryphons. They only live on the slopes of Case de Gryphos. And were the first to meet the former Brothers of Feroz on top of Casa de Gryphos. Feroz, founder of the Brothers of Feroz and its first Chapter Master, met the largest and most majestic of all Concorde Gryphons called Furioz, King of Gryphons. It is told that this particular Gryphon could actually speak inside your head.
All who were present on that holy day could see that it was meant to be that Feroz and Furioz met. On that day, Feroz and Furioz forged a bond and from that day onward the Brothers of Feroz would be known as the Gryphon Kings. Feroz abandoned the Codex Astartes and reorganised the chapter. From now on, every Gryphon King who reached veteran status is allowed to forge a bond with one of the Concordes, and ride to battle with them as part of the first company.
After Feroz and Furioz died at the Gryssiam massacre, by the hands of Perfora, lord-psyker of the Sons of Perfora, every new Chapter Master rode to war on a new King of Gryphons.
Not all the Gryphon Kings believe Feroz and Furioz really died at Gyssiam, they believe he still chases Perfora in the Eye of Terror to have his revenge for all the Gryphon Kings who died at Gryssiam. When the Sons of Perfora are defeated, they will return to the chapter to lead it into victory again.

I think the next part of fluff will be the Gyssiam Massacre or something in that direction.
For those not interested in the fluff: pics (also for those who actually are interested)

Here is first of the heavy weapon teams. I gave it some shields (the emperor protects) and, of course, wheels. Just how is somebody able to carry the normal gw heavy weapons?
They are lego wheals, cause they did best resemble the medieval look. On the inside of the shields are a converted lasgun I call the lascarbine, and a little text.
The standing guy is magnetised so he can double as a wound token.

And here; a sentinel!
I really like the sentinel, it looks really cool and is really posable to. There are a lot of weapons on the sprue (more dakka fur them orks ).
I've put a shield on the front, to continue the army theme. Magnetised some of the weapons, and kept some of his posabillity by not glueing the legs to the body.
Its still WIP cause I need to build a roof from platicard.

I also made a third Rogue Trader called Soap.
He is some kind of cool guy with cool gun, nothing special. (except for the mohawk ofcourse).

Comments apreciated, on the fluff and pics.
I've also got a question: what coloursheme do you think I should use for the Brettonian Guard?
I ask you cause I'm not yet sure, so many options.

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Made in nl
Fighter Ace

Some nice conversions here!
As for the colours, what schemes are you thinking about... Me i'd go for a worn gray or white, representing winter coats or such. With maybe white or khaki armour...

But for all i know red and yellow might look just as good. It might help to let us know which choices you are pondering.

I'm keeping my eye on this thread. Keep it up!

Inmygravenimage: That's sweet dude. I bet her ass is bad...
Camkierhi - What a load of rubbish... Amazing!
Rogue Wolves - Its rediculous how much character you pack into those guys
Skalk Bloodaxe: I know those will be awesome when finished, but right now they look like crackers.
Necro-pocalypse weirdness:
Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut


@ MauS; I was thinking of metal armor with some simple color like brown, grey or maybe green for the cloths, and some bright color as regimental markings on their shoulders, but then I thought: what about blue? or red and yellow?
I want to give them something simple pessant like but also very proud.
I want to know what other people think, just to help myself to make a decision, so thank you for your opinions

Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

Models look cool. Slap some paint on em! Eager to see what comes of it.

Made in us
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

New Jersey, State of Perfection

Oh cool, you're doing Genswick Rifles (look 'em up, they are famous! Featured in White Dwarf and fairly well known online).

Looking good otherwise!

This ain't no pansy GW Armor, son - Digital Sculpting Plog, Now with Heavy Weapon Platforms!
Sympathy for the Devil, or: The Project Log from Hell

Ma55ter_fett wrote:It reads like the ramblings of a Nigerian lobotomized Shakespeare typed into a cellphone with a very aggressive autocomplete function.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

the sentinels look like they're trying to sneak up on someone

The idea sounds interesting, going to be watching this, keep it up!
Made in se
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

Filipstad, Sweden.

Loving the models you have put together! Cant wait to see more of this stuff mate.

"You have ruled this galaxy for ten thousand years, yet have little of account to show for you efforts. Order. Unity. Obedience. We taught the galaxy these things, and we shall do so again."

Made in nl
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

I really like the conversions and exspecially the fluff, what colour are you thinking of?
Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut


@Scrazza: Ty, I will paint them when I figured out a colour sheme and finished building them all. I'm a real mass painter, I can't just concentrate on 1 mini only. I always glue them per 2 or more and paint them in groups of 10 or more.

@Chaos0xomega: Ty, I know the Genswick rifles (famous they are), they are part of my inspiration.

@uk_crow, Thatguy91, kjellk: Ty, I like to see that people are interested in this army, it really helps to keep me motivated

More progress today, I managed to find some gaps in between homework and glued together some more guys.

Here you see I made a roof for the sentinel with plasicard and some bitz. He is done now.

I also made 2 more sitting Guards. Just glueing cause I use cadian torso's for the sitting ones.

And as you could see in the pics of the sitting Guards: I made an banner carier, and an vox-caster.
They both belong to the command squad, so I tried to make them somewhat special. The one with the banner was easy cause he has got a banner
but I gave the vox-caster a halberd thing. I also gave him a smaller lasgun (like those of the heavy weapon team) on his back because he already got a lot of heavy stuff to carry around.

I'm still thinking about what colour sheme to use and want to know what you think, so:
Comments and tips apreciated.

Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

I like those 2 last guardsmen. I like their poses.

Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut


Not mush progress cause I've cut my finger with my modelling knife so I cant continue modeling, but I can paint
Working on a coloursheme right know, I've done some test models and think i got something nice, no pics at this point but they are coming your way

Made in nl
Regular Dakkanaut


Finally, an update.
I've had some other things on my mind the last weeks, but yesterday I managed to find some spare time and pick up my brush and get some paint on those guardsmen.
I decided on a very dirty look (to mask my terrible painting skills) with loads of agrax earthshade (just gotta love those shades).
Anyway here are the pics, any comments appreciated

2 normal guardsmen.

Banner carrier and command squad guardsmen.

Two mare normal guardsmen.

And two guardsmen from the special weapon squad.

The markings on the right shoulder repressent the company, and those on the left shoulder represent the squad.
I chose blue and yellow because I think they look good on the model, but for future platoons I will be using different colours (not sure wich though)

I also got some moddeling done; I got myself an empire witchhunter and with a little bit of 40kifying made him the platoon commander, because I think he looks totally awesome and medieval so he fits in with the rest of the army. Also another normal guardsmen and an vox-caster for the second infantry squad done.

Platoon commander.

2 guardsmen.

I also plan on buying the empire greatswords kit to kitbash them into stormtroopers, but I don't now what guns to use.
Any comments or suggestions appreciated

Made in nl
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

I love your models!!! Would likebto see them in real!
Maybe give the greatswords shotguns or something like that?
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