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I’m sure many Fow/15mm players are familiar with Zvezda’s dirt cheap range of 15mm/1:100 vehicles for WW2. Well it looks like they are going to be expanding this into cold war combat.

Like their WW2 range it’s going be a bizarre hybrid of 1/100, 1/144 and 1/72 but sometime in 2013 we are going to see A1 Abrams, Bradley, T-72 and BTR-80 come out in 15mm and a Hind and Apache in 10mm.

The range is fairly basic but I’m interested to see where this goes. If they are the same price as the WW2 1:100 kits then I can see this being a very cheap way to do Force on Force games.


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As someone who has been looking to get into 1/72 modern gaming, the modern Russian figures look really nice. Know it will be art of tactic like so only a few miniatures for a few quid but even so... it looks rather good
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I like this!
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Yes, FoF will be so much easier/cheaper!

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I was so happy about this for a moment because I thought I would finally have easily affordable plastic tanks and things for FoF, but then I saw it was 1/100 not 1/72 and I died a bit inside hahahaha


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 Easy E wrote:
Yes, FoF will be so much easier/cheaper!

Yup! Tho I would have favoured "regular" T-72 Bravo over the Kontakt-5 armored one (as that variant goes into 1989 - it would be rather kick-ass, although the CWGH rules dont make justice for the tremendous armour of Bravo, not to talk about K-5 ERA), but I think I can get ridd off that part it so my soviet onslaught can gear up like hell.

Btw, has anyone noticed the news about BF re-issuing their vietnam range with new vehicles? Especially those T-34/85Ms and ZSU-57-2 sure did look nice, as 85M aint available from pretty much anywhere. Combination of irish serbs T-34/85 and cut-down T-54/55 tracs are pretty much the easiest option. Also the plastic OH-6 and M113 do sound quite cheesy! What a shame I allready bought "old" M113s for my territorial heer heavy jägers..

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