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Foreword: I am aware that the Deadzone KS/product coming soon from Mantic is a Necromunda-style small-scale skirmish game. However, somehow I missed that info in my own personal bubble of oblivion, and released this at about the same time as Deadzone was announced. Please feel free to play my skirmish ruleset idea, and be sure to support Mantic when the Deadzone KS begins! If people are still interested in Point Insertion after Deadzone is released, I can either keep it updated or tweak it to be more akin to the city-based Necromunda

So I figured given the positive feedback I'd gotten for the Star-Struck City , my Mordheim ruleset for Kings of War, I figured it wouldn't hurt to do the same for Necromunda and Warpath As a result, I present to you Point Insertion: Where various groups of agents and operatives from the various civilizations compete for control over the rebellious world of Devil's Point. Lead your group of nearly-rogue agents to glory and victory, and finally bring the planet (or sector at least) under the heel of your home empire!

v1.2 as of 3/27/13
 Filename PointInsertionNecromundaforWarpath.pdf [Disk] Download
 Description The main Point Insertion rules
 File size 346 Kbytes

 Filename PointInsertionSquads.pdf [Disk] Download
 Description The list of squads for Point Insertion
 File size 224 Kbytes

Imagine the feeling when you position your tanks, engines idling, landing gear deployed for a low profile, with firing solutions along a key bottleneck. Then some fether lands a dreadnought behind them in a giant heat shielded coke can.

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