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Colorado Springs, CO

I’m opening up a trade report against username Maskedman504. On March 24, we agreed to trade my Warriors of Chaos army book for his NiB Eldar Falcon. In summary, the book was received on Monday, April 1st, while the falcon , and subsequent payment to compensate for the falcon, are a no show. Despite several attempts to try and resolve this, he has completely stolen my book and made no discernible effort to rectify the situation. I define discernible effort as a payment received or a tracking number given. I would advise all DakkaDakka users to avoid trading with this member until such situations are resolved, including the other open transaction report against him.

Important Notes:
- Maskedman504 has an open trade report against him here:
- http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/510384.page#5333843
- I should have looked this up before. I’m normally quite anal about these types of things, but I have apparently been slipping on this lately. Back to guard mode.
- I was delayed in shipping my package for quite some time, about 5 days. Lots of excuses as to why, but it happened. I was open with him about this and got the book shipped out the moment I was able.
- The only things edited from the following messages are names and addresses. Everything else is all of the correspondence we’ve had.

Correspondence below:

maskedman504 Sun, Mar/24/2013 04:05:03
Will you trade the Warriors of Chaos book for a sealed in box falcon?

Maskedman504 Sun, Mar/24/2013 04:47:50
On second thought, maybe for the Chaos Demons book?
It seems pretty straight up to me.

Godswildcard Sun, Mar/24/2013 10:23:49
Yeah, I could do that.
What is your address?

Maskedman504 Sun, Mar/24/2013 10:31:44
Hey -
I don't mean to be wishy washy, but if you would do the WoC (mortals book) I will send the Falcon out tomorrow.
I want to start a chaos faction and I think mortal is right for me.
Anyway, my Falcon (sealed in box) for your Warrior of Chaos (current edition) army book.
My address is:

Godswildcard Sun, Mar/24/2013 19:03:17
not a problem at all. The book for the Falcon sounds great. I will try and ship tomorrow, however Monday is my busiest day of the week so it will most likely be shipped Tuesday with Insurance and tracking.

Maskedman504 Mon, Mar/25/2013 23:01:21
I am posting the Falcon in the morning.
Will you be able to post the army book?
Thank you.

Godswildcard Tue, Mar/26/2013 08:55:35
Yep. Going out today!

Godswildcard Wed, Mar/27/2013 20:24:14
Sorry, but I haven't been able to post the book yet. I apologize for the delay. A person quite work very suddenly so I had to cover a few extra shifts, which combined with school has made the last few days very difficult. I finally have a day off, so I will ship the book out priority in the morning. I imagine you'll have it by Saturday. Again, sorry for the delay.

Godswildcard Thu, Mar/28/2013 11:58:47
I've got the book packaged up and ready to go. I haven't heard from you recently, so I'm wondering if you're still interested in doing the trade?
Let me know!

maskedman 504 Thu, Mar/28/2013 15:18:55
I put the grav tank in the mail yesterday and it should be there by Monday I would think!
Please, send the book. You said Tuesday, then Wednesday now it is Thursday...

Maskedman504 Thu, Mar/28/2013 21:50:36
If you could confirm you are sending it, I would feel a lot better; my tank is on the way.
Thank you!!

Godswildcard Fri, Mar/29/2013 09:10:05
The book is on its way!
USPS tracking #:
I'm so sorry for the delay. This has just been a bad, bad week. I'm sorry that it coincided with our deal.
You should have it on Monday. Let me know when it gets there or if there are any problems!

Godswildcard Mon, Apr/01/2013 20:39:54
Hey man!
Looks like the book was delivered today.
Still no sign of the falcon. Do you have a tracking number for me on that?

Godswildcard Tue, Apr/02/2013 08:13:16
Just searched your username in the swap shop. Looks like you've got an open transaction report against you.
I'm sorry, but if I don't have a tracking number or a tank today I'm going to add to that.
I should've searched it earlier, but your post count and ebay rating were both solid, so I went ahead with the deal. I'm not sure whats going on, as you seemed to be a pretty solid person up until recently. What I do know is that so far I have a confirmed delivery to your address for my book and I have no indication that you've sent me a Falcon Grav Tank other than that you've told me you've sent it.
I've never had a trade go bad to the point of having to open up a trade report. I'd hate for you to be my first.

Maskedman504 Tue, Apr/02/2013 11:02:58
I have the book; I sent your package first class mail.
I will look for the receipt when I get home and for the tracking.
I will get back to you after 5pm CST.
Sorry about the lack of communication, I was in Arkansas (yeehaw) for Easter and just got back yesterday.

Godswildcard Tue, Apr/02/2013 11:12:24
Cool man!
Thanks for the update! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maskedman504 Wed, Apr/03/2013 21:54:36
Wanted to drop you a line, has that falcon shown up yet?

Godswildcard Thu, Apr/04/2013 08:14:34
Nope. No sign of it yet.

Maskedman504 Fri, Apr/05/2013 02:01:31
If the falcon does not show by the end of the week, I can either send the book back or compensate you for it- whatever your preference.

Godswildcard Sun, Apr/07/2013 10:56:26
Still no sign of the falcon man.
I think it would be easier if you just sent paypal at this point.
I paid $39.60 for the book, so that's what I'd like to get out of it. If you do send paypal, I'd appreciate it if you marked it as a gift.
That work for you?

Maskedman504 Sun, Apr/07/2013 14:51:46
I need a PayPal address.
Seems really odd that it just doesn't show up.
I am going to look for the receipt in my car and contact the post office in the morning before I send money.
Shoot me your PayPal address anyway.

Godswildcard Thu, Apr/11/2013 07:34:44
Hey man.
Still no sign of the falcon or paypal.
Whats up?

Maskedman504 Thu, Apr/11/2013 10:19:03
Yeah, this is been a hectic week.
I had standardized testing yesterday- USPS, after I spoke with them on Tuesday, is returning the falcon.
I can send the falcon or book or money ($39? I believe). I know I kind of asked you this already, but, like I said, a lot on my mind.
Just tell me what you prefer- and if it the $$- send your PayPal addy again, I managed to delete my inbox on accident.
Sorry about all this.

Maskedman504 Thu, Apr/11/2013 10:30:37
I am thinking I can make the payment to you on Monday, so keep an eye out.

Godswildcard Thu, Apr/11/2013 10:50:34

Godswildcard Tue, Apr/16/2013 10:58:27
Haven't seen the payment yet.

Godswildcard Wed, Apr/17/2013 21:10:56
Ok. Its Wednesday and I haven't heard anything from you, nor have I received any money.
I'm thinking that you're scamming me.
If I don't have payment tonight by midnight eastern time, I'm posting a trade report.
This has gotten out of hand. I've been patient, and I know my package was delivered in a timely manner. Not only did you fail to provide proof that you sent yours (despite tracking #'s being standard on all USPS shipments now), you've also failed to honor the agreement to pay for the book.

Maskeman504 Wed, Apr/17/2013 22:33:23
I am not scamming you, I am just waiting for money. I have 31 auctions posted right now on my eBay.
When I tried to transfer the money, it overdrafted my bank.
Look at my eBay username the auctions end on Friday. I can't have a bad trade report I will send the money, I just need a little more time.
I get paid on Sunday but the auctions end on Friday and I can send it right away after. You have been so patient, please just let me make this right asap.

Godswildcard Wed, Apr/17/2013 22:45:58
Ok. I understand that things come up, but this is starting to wear on me. The original ship date for your Falcon was Wed, March 27th. That makes today three weeks with no falcon, tracking #, or cash. That's a long time to wait with nothing to show for it.
I can see that you've received feedback for purchasing as late as this past Monday.
I will give you until Saturday morning, 04/20/13, at 7am Eastern Time. If I don't have payment by then, I will post a transaction report, which is already drawn up.

Maskedman504 Wed, Apr/17/2013 22:48:58
In fairness, the purchasing feedback on Monday was left for an auction I won on the 4th. I will make things right here

Godswildcard Sat, Apr/20/2013 17:39:06
It's Saturday afternoon. I still haven't received any payment or any shipment. I will be posting a transaction report soon and we can resolve this through that.

So even after all of that, I still gave him extra time to work things out. At this time, he as made no more contact with me and he of course has not paid me for the book. All of his auctions ended on Friday and he made more than enough to send the money to me. I'm still surprised that there are people that are willing to give up their integrity for something like warhammer, but I know I shouldn't be. Don't trade with this guy. If you are currently working something with him, stop. I'm not the first one he's stolen from but hopefully I'm the last. Oh, and if he sees this and pays me, I'll delete this part of the transaction report.

If I've got a trade you're interested in but you don't have anything on my wanted list, just shoot me a PM and ask! I'm easily distracted!  
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