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Made in gb
Ground Crew

Suffolk, UK

Hello all, long time viewer occasional poster
Thought I should start a blog for this as a means to keep myself focussed and stop myself from meandering onto other modelling projects too much. I'll never prevent it completely, but this might steer me back more often.

I'm resurrecting my space marine army and forcing myself to finally pick a paint scheme. I had one, about 15years ago, far left below. Since then i've started many new ones and never finished any.

I've decided to name them the Emerald Blades, and have them as a second founding chapter of the Vorpal Swords Chapter (6th edition background chapter mentioned in the chaos codex). The vorpals have little history, no confirmed colour scheme or symbol and their parent chapter is unconfirmed. Thus I can run what I like colour and iconography wise.

I've mostly finished one model so far, still highlighting and haven't applied any specific shading yet. Please bare in mind, I make no claims to painting talent and strife only for tabletop quality. These will be my first attempt at proper highlighting, I had restricted myself to dry brushing effects before.

As another means to make sure I dont' change my mind again, I have started by working on a block of 50 marines. 2 Tac, 1 Dev, 1 Assa,1 JP Assa. Thus i'll have a good block done and can then move onto the more interesting parts. I plan to apply modified standard transfers as chapter symbols, also squad and company markings.
[Thumb - DSCN1129 small.jpg]
A shot of some of those schemes i've played around with before discarding them.

[Thumb - DSCN1140 small.jpg]
So here is my current progress.

[Thumb - DSCN1150 small.jpg]

[Thumb - DSCN1160 small.jpg]
Some scenery...

[Thumb - DSCN1161 small.jpg]

Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized. - Ly Tin Wheedle (Terry Pratchett)

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