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Made in gb
Precocious Human Child

UK / Essex

I have just started an inquisitor retinue and i get to try my hand at a true scale marine at the same time, win, win.
Now when i say true scale all i'm saying is that he is a little taller and a little bulkier and that's about it.

I have already started this model before i posted here but if you want to go back and see earlier stages just click this http://tainted-mindz.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Inquisitor%20Malice%20WIP

So far i have done a bit of sculpting on the legs, and got a basic shape that i will add to at a later date. Going to try for a Gothic yet expensive looking armour.
The head has been sculpted from Super Sculpey Firm and Green stuff added once baked, not sure but i may add i bit more to the head later.

i will add more pics as i go but if your interested in seeing more views, back, sides, that sort of thing just use the links.. Thanks.

[Thumb - S6301538.JPG]
Malice Legs

[Thumb - S6301523.JPG]
Malice Head

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Burn Them All  
Made in gb
Precocious Human Child

UK / Essex

Started work on the torso with only a picture in my mind of what i wanted. I was looking for armour that looked like muscle, but half way through doing that i changed things again and ended up with this rubbish... At this point i'm considering throwing it out of the window in to the road out front.
[Thumb - S6301540.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301541.JPG]

Burn Them All  
Made in gb
Precocious Human Child

UK / Essex

Didn't throw it out the window, i picked up a hobby knife and cut that mess away.
At this point all i'm thinking is 'classic look', Got it done, all it needs now is a belt and a middle section and the basic form should be there, fingers crossed.
[Thumb - S6301543.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301544.JPG]

Burn Them All  
Made in gb
Precocious Human Child

UK / Essex

Started some detail work on the chest plate, i have gone for the wings but instead of making them flat, smooth and polished, iv'e decided to try and give them a real feather look.
Now the pictures don't show the detail very well but when they are painted it should show up better.
[Thumb - S6301545.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301547.JPG]

Burn Them All  
Made in gb
Precocious Human Child

UK / Essex

Just finished the chest plate, i will do a bit more to the skull just to add a little more detail. I added the head for the photos just to get a better look at the man and how he is starting to look.
[Thumb - S6301553.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301550.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301551.JPG]

Burn Them All  
Made in gb
Precocious Human Child

UK / Essex

Finally started the belt and because of the Inquisitors weapons of choice i need to make a pair of holsters. I was going to make some fancy looking things but i think the arms may cover them so keeping it simple. If the arms don't cover them completely i will put some decor on them. I used some ammo pouches from the kit, i paid for them may as well use them. The belt buckle has me stumped, its in full view and i wanted it to stand out but not sure what to do? if you have any ideas throw them at me..

[Thumb - S6301558.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301556.JPG]

[Thumb - S6301557.JPG]

Burn Them All  
Made in pt
Longtime Dakkanaut


Your GS skills seems to be improving with each new post. That inquisition symbol is perfect!

"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world! Surrender to these truths, you pigs in human clothing!" - Satsuki Kiryuin, Kill la Kill 
Made in fr
Violent Enforcer

Great work there. For the belt buckle- can't go wrong with a skull, or even another ][ symbol. Ignore this if you were just test-fitting the head earlier, but I think the neck is a little bit long.
I'll look forward to seeing the rest of this guy!
Made in us
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Arlington TX, but want to be back in Seattle WA

Lately ive been perusing the posts and blogs without logging in...but when I saw your work I had to log in just to comment. I love painting, but the ultimate apex of expression of talent is being able to fabricate and mold your own miniatures via green stuff. Ive been into this hobby over 10 years and unfortunately, this is just an aspect of the hobby that escapes my realm of skills; I couldnt mold an appendage if my life depended on it. Your work is masterful...the iconography of a space marine is magnificent. The symmetry and accurate body proportions are stunning...quite simply, your work is brilliant! Nothing but admiration, just incredible!

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