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I tried to paint hair on this bro, it came out like a hot mess so I went back to skin but I wants to know. how do you paint hair where there is none?
[Thumb - Bald.jpg]

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I'd honestly suggest sculpting it on. Hair is one of the easier things to learn to do, and there's a lot of good tutorials around for it. If you're insistent on painting it on, your best bet will be to simply paint on five o'clock shadow, as if he just recently shaved his head. Glazes of a warm gray are a good way to do this, or mix said warm gray with your flesh tone and apply to appropriate areas.
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Sculpting hair! now there is an idea.
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I agree that sculpting hair isn't that difficult, and, moreover, will help you learn some fundamental GS skills rapidly.

If you don't want to possibly wreck a complete model, you can always just go for a stubble look. Take your flesh color and mix in a little bit of grey. Then add in black, more = longer stubble, and just drybrush it onto where the hair would be.

I've done it before on my guardsmen, and it's actually pretty easy to get to look nice. Bonus points if you take that stubble color and also apply it to the jaw and upper lip.

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The above, although rather than drybrush I tend to use glazes.

Looks like this:

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Id leave him bald.

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Could dry brush hair stubble in an appropriate color. I have a WD article at home that addresses this

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Yes, yes it is. My opinion may be somewhat coloured on this though.

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I would replace his head with a helmet, lol.

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Sculpting hair is really the way forward and is incredibly easy to do. Now I know the pictures aren't too good, but for my WIP of Pellas Mir'san I gave him long hair, whipped across his face. The WIP has advanced now, with him having running legs, wielding dual swords and drake heads on the generator exhausts, but the hair remains the same.

I'll try and get some better pics if you want.

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One thing I've seen in articles in the past for painting stubble is to have a bit of the skin colour mixed with your hair colour... not entirely sure how it works since I've yet to attempt it myself. My entire SM army could do with some Rogane...

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You can shade the head to make it look like stubble, but you can't paint hair if it's not there. Skin is smooth and hair is not. It would never look right. All who suggest sculpting hair are correct.

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