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Made in us
Xenohunter with First Contact

Hi all, super excited about this GK list I just finished writing. Take a look

HQ ::: Inquisitor Corteaz - 100

Troops ::: Inquisitorial Henchmen - (7x Acolytes with Storm Bolters) (4x Jokaero) - 189 pts
Troops ::: Strike Squad - (10x Grey Knights, One Psycannon) - 210 pts

----------- 499 points -----------

How bad is it?
Made in de
A Crystal Tree in the Dome of the Seers


Well, in small point games you need numbers.
I'd consider a full Henchman army (small Henchmen squads with Psybacks).

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Made in de
Grey Knight Psionic Stormraven Pilot

4 Jokaero = wasted points, two gets you the best chance to score some upgrades. Maybe divide the squad into two smaller ones (would give you some more flexibility in your shooting as well).
Made in us
Xenohunter with First Contact

EDIT: reviewed the rules for the Jokaero and see your point. I forgot that you add 1 to the role for each in the unit past the first.

The only issue is that I reliably need get get all of the upgrades in that unit for this to work. Turns them into 36" assault2 S4 Ap5 rending 4+/5++ monsters. Even losing one of those damages the viability of the unit. The SSquad can be split during deployment if needed.

The Jokaero get exponentially better as force magnifiers en masse. Also, I'm not too keen on buying a lot of razorbacks, although I recognize the strength of loading as many as possible with token troop choices. Like 3 razorbacks with Jokaero and acolytes inside each. It's very potent but more RPScissors than mine I think. Pop the psybacks and there's no threat left.

I definitely appreciate the comments, still thinking through revisions. I just reaaaalllly need rending on the unit, so I don't feel like I can drop jokaeros, and I feel like the SSquad are more useful than trying to kit a ranged/CC henchmen squad. Convince me! Thanks again for taking the time to read/think/post.

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