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Banelord300s IG army (name not choosen yet) Update!!  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in se
Been Around the Block

Hi all, after looking through this forum for yers I finally decided to start my army blog of my IG army. As I finally have gotten better in my painting skills and found a plastic card supplier most of my work will be with conversions as I am better with building than painting (I will still show pics of it painted). Currently I can only show 1 pic as I am away from where the models are but it shows a conversion made from the document I will post

Fluff (coming soon)

Updates will come soon including the Chimera fully done and painted, vet squad, command squad, 2 Leman Russ tanks and a Chimera conversion of the old Rhino Mk1B.

Also to make up for the lack of content currently here is a Word document with 3 best tutorials on how to make converted vehicles for the IG allowing you to have a more unique army
 Filename Vehicle conversions for the Imperial Guard.docx [Disk] Download
 File size 8354 Kbytes

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Visit my blog for some nice Chimera conversions
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Hellacious Havoc


Awesome work for the tutorials and the conversion! I'll follow this thread with great interest !

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Made in se
Been Around the Block

So after a long time its time to update but to tease I start with the most boring and end with the best .

First up is my command squad in all their glory.

Bonus point for what the commander with the sword is

Next up Platon command squad

My special veteran squad which is the only squad in the army that is gonna have this colour scheme, and again tell me what the sergeant is made from .

Next up is my first ever Leman Russ with the plasma cannon.

My second Leman Russ with some bad free hand painting .

Now we get to the more exciting stuff remmeber that chimera well its done now.
As you can guess getting thoose sponsong to be so thin was but the rest was really easy .

But lets ramp it up a bit more so I present to you the Mk II/C Chimera .
Its a old Whirlwind that I had to seperate all pieces, redo the inside of one track guard and GS alot before I could even begin adding plastic card.

Also to tease som more here is my home made Marbro or Guardsmen Julius Hawke.

Sorry for some of the picture qualities .

To finish the post of I will put my free hand .

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Also for thoose who dont dig up alot of old stuff here is a good W40k song.

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Visit my blog for some nice Chimera conversions
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