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Some finished Infinity and some WIP Ariadna  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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1st time to really post pictures, sorry for camera quality.
It is all my Ariadna and then Scar-Face

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I tried to go for a hex camo on scar face. And for the Vanilla Adriana I went for a kinda forest look. And the Metro side of the house a city/urban feel. As well I am trying NMM on all my models.
[Thumb - 153.jpg]

[Thumb - 154.jpg]
para nmm

[Thumb - 156.jpg]

[Thumb - 157.jpg]

[Thumb - 160.jpg]

[Thumb - 162.jpg]
group of painted

[Thumb - 168.jpg]
All Armies

[Thumb - 169.jpg]
close up

[Thumb - 170.jpg]

[Thumb - 171.jpg]

[Thumb - 172.jpg]

[Thumb - 181.jpg]
scarface 1

[Thumb - 185.jpg]
close SF

[Thumb - 186.jpg]

[Thumb - 179.jpg]

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Pretty cool.

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